Why and How to Wash Sheets and Towels with Your Cleaning Company

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If you need to know the importance of laundry services with your professional housekeeping business, you’ve come to the right place.  You can keep things simple, easy, and manageable!  Here’s a cleaning tip of why and how to wash sheets and towels with your residential cleaning service.


Okay, so let’s do away with the variances of “titles”.  I’m speaking of your business’ title.


A housekeeping service, a residential cleaning service, or maid service can ALL provide complete or partial laundry care at will.


Got it.


Here’s the thing.  You, the professional cleaning service provider can do whatever you decide to do.  I’m very serious.  Because it’s your business.


You can decide to clean sheets and towels for your customers or not.  You can decide to perform complete laundry care services for your residential clientele or not.  You decide.


Now, does this change the identity of your business, “cleaning service” or “maid service” or “domestic”?  Even that’s debatable.


My husband and I have owned a professional cleaning company for 27 years and 20 of those years, providing house cleaning services.  We have provided laundry care, (sheets and towels only), but have always been categorized as a residential cleaning company, not maid service.  So go figure.


And it didn’t make our “services” any which way than the other.  “Titles” is like splitting hairs truthfully.


Now that that’s out of the way – that you can create your own cleaning service packages how you wish and no matter your title, I want to show you why and how to wash sheets and towels with your cleaning company.

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Why washing sheets and towels can benefit your cleaning service

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  1. You’re setting your business above your competition because you’re willing to go beyond basic cleaning and do more for your customers.  Going above basic cleaning packages also allows you to make more money with your business.
  2. Your customers would be very appreciative because you’ve took one more task off their list.  Their home is ready to enjoy when you leave.


Now let’s explore two practical ways to do this and stay and on time with your daily work schedule.

How to wash sheets and towels with your maid service

The biggest challenge when providing laundry care with your professional maid service is getting the timing just right.  You’ll want to have completed laundry at the same time you’re done with the housekeeping tasks.  Here are 2 tips to keep you on schedule when washing sheets and towels for your residential cleaning customers.


Tip 1 > Regardless how long it would take you to perform the general cleaning tasks, always start laundry first.  Then proceed with cleaning the house.  When you hear the buzzer for the washer, transfer items to the dryer immediately.  Continue to clean.  If all goes well, you will finish the dusting, vacuuming, baths, and kitchen cleaning just in time to replace the sheets on the beds and hang the towels in the bathrooms.


This is a perfect scenario however, it is not always typical.  If you should have a small home to clean, the general cleaning tasks won’t take you the time it takes to wash and dry towels and sheets.  Perhaps the next tip may benefit you.


Tip 2 > Enter the home to load towels and sheets in the washer.  Leave the home and go to clean a nearby customer.  (This scenario works perfectly if your second customer is within close proximity as the first.) 


When you’re done cleaning the second house, return to your first customer.  Place sheets and towels in the dryer.  Proceed to carry out your cleaning tasks.  Once done, remove bed sheets and towels from the dryer and replace them appropriately.


This scenario works best when there is established trust between you and your customers because they may not express concern of the “in and out” of their home.


That’s it!  I hope that helps you decide why and how to wash sheets and towels with your professional maid/ residential/  domestic cleaning service, LOL.

I grew my office cleaning side hustle into a ½ million-dollar corporation with the partnership of my husband and our amazing staff. In 2020, I retired my service-based business to shift my focus and passion from serving cleaning clientele to serving cleaning business owners.


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