How to Professionally Clean Windows

How to clean windows. Picture of white bucket, squeegee, blue scour pad, dawn, scraper.
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There’s no shame in the game.  There are lots of people who actually hate cleaning windows.  Yep, even those in our precious cleaning industry.  So, here’s a short and easy way to professionally clean windows to help you out. 😉


Since window cleaning will be something your professional cleaning business will be asked to perform, ya might wanna check out this simple and easy window washing tip. 


This post is about routine glass cleaning maintenance.  It is not post construction cleaning, stain glass cleaning, chandelier or anything else.  So we’ll keep everything simple.  


Cool?  Fantastic!

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How To Professionally Clean Windows

How to professionally cleaning windows. White bucket, dawn, window squeegee, paper towels, pink cloth - cleaning supplies

Let’s gather all the material you will need:

  1. Dawn
  2. Non-scratch scour pad
  3. Squeegee
  4. Bucket of warm water to cool water
  5. Window scraper
  6. Paper towels

Simple window cleaning instructions:

  1. Fill bucket ½ way with warm to cool water.
  2. Squeeze just enough soap in the water.
  3. Protect surrounding surfaces. Such as, put towels down below the windows to catch the excess.
  4. Use sponge to apply sudsy water onto glass and frames.
  5. Use glass scraper, if necessary, to remove all stuck-on debris.
  6. Squeegee down, across, or swivel like in the video. (Don’t get hung up on this part.  Window cleaning techniques vary, so find your groove and stick with that.  You’re all good!)
  7. Use towels to wipe up the residual dirt, water and soap left on glass and frame.


That’s it!  A short and sweet method for professionally cleaning windows inside and cleaning windows outside.

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  1. Mindy Jollie says:

    Thank you for this great how-to for cleaning windows. My friend works in an office with really dirty windows. THey’ll have to try this or hire someone to help them with it.

    1. says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the tip and that you’re passing it along to your friend.

  2. South West Cleaning says:

    Well worth a read. Got great insights and information from your blog. Thanks.

    1. Stacey Freeman says:

      You’re so very welcome!

  3. Thank you awesomely for your tips. I’m just starting out professionally and reading through has been quite helpful.

    1. Stacey Freeman says:

      You are so very welcome.

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