Customer Profile Worksheets for Office Cleaning


Learn how to keep your customers’ complete needs top of mind, every time!

Customer profile worksheets. Floor cleaning machine in office lobby
  • Be thoroughly equipped to take accurate notes while going to your first walk-through.
  • There’s no need to feel intimidated.  When you use these sheets correctly, you’ll be able to identify all problem areas within the entire office.  
  • These sheets also leave room for writing down the accurate square footage for each area of the office.  And, this is HUGE!  Because it gives you a great way to provide additional cleaning such as carpet cleaning, upholstery care, window cleaning, and floor polishing!
Customer Profile Worksheets for Offices

It is proven in our industry that the most responsive cleaning professionals retain their customers longer. Keeping proper records demonstrates your ability to handle every cleaning need for your customers. It also allows you to stand above your competition.


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After becoming frustrated while trying to do everything cleaning gurus told me to do 27 years ago, I started to create my own cleaning business systems one by one. I learned to trust my gut and find my ideal cleaning clientele, incorporate real strategies for success, and develop my own pricing scale.

Am I a cleaning expert? Some might say so. But for certain I'm a cleaning business strategist and I hope your new friend. I help aspiring cleaners (side hustlers) to get a simple start to business ownership. And, I assist solopreneurs and small cleaning business owners to grow using smart methods.

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