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Deep Cleaning Challenge

… and learn how to UPSELL your house and office cleaning services

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There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to start offering deep/ detail professional cleaning services to your customers.  Your current customers will LOVE IT!  And you can use what you’ve learned as a great marketing tool to gain more customers!

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 Here’s what you get…

  • 3 Simple to follow steps that will help you discover cleaning tasks you’ve never considered to clean.  UNTIL NOW.
  • Workout sheet template (for homes and offices) to help you identify each customer’s additional cleaning needs.
  • Simple Pricing Formula will help you price each task, the right way.


Deep cleaning is important for both homes and offices

Deep Cleaning Challenge. Window cleaning with squeegee


If your company does not clean interior windows for your customers, you're leaving money on the table. BUT, by asking your customers, providing them a price, and scheduling the cleaning, you can remedy that. Why not maximize EVERY OPPORTUNITY by providing additional services?


In typical situations, common decor such as ceiling fans and window treatments are dusted using a towel or a feather duster. They're rarely washed down. Well, why not provide this extra service for your customers? Trust me, they'll be happy if you did. Again, maximize EVERY CLEANING OPPORTUNITY.

In case we haven't met

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I'm Stacey

After becoming frustrated while trying to do everything cleaning gurus told me to do 27 years ago, I started to create my own cleaning business systems one by one. I learned to trust my gut and find my ideal cleaning clientele, incorporate real strategies for success, and develop my own pricing system.

Am I a cleaning expert? Some might say so. But for certain I'm a cleaning business strategist and I hope your new friend.

I help new cleaning business owners to use strategies such as creating custom "premium" cleaning packages to increase revenue. These packages typically include deep/ detail cleaning tasks.

By entering this cleaning challenge, I hope that you'll consider this ONE TACTIC to MAXIMIZE EVERY OPPORTUNITY to grow you business!

Don't wait! Start earning more money and making your customers even happier!!!

“Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into Joy and change ordinary opportunities into Blessings”. – William Arthur Ward

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