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“My only purpose for this email is to let you know how much I appreciate you and the time you take out of your day to help people like myself. Plus, the free resources you provide are so helpful! I’d be lost without some of this! Keep up the amazing job, and I always look forward to your emails.”

Sincerely, an admiring follower,
Misty Castillo
Houston, Texas



“I look forward to your emails on Sunday morning.  They always make my day. Thank you for taking the time to send them out each week. They are encouraging to read and feels like you have a cheerleader rooting you thru your week.”

Renee Swisher





“I have been using the tools and information that you have provided for my cleaning business that I started in January.  I have found it all useful, … Thank you and I appreciate all the information that you provide and wonderful words of encouragement during this time!”
Nicole Mitchell



Thank you for the information and for always keeping me in the loop!! I finally registered my cleaning business back in March! I’m so excited 🙌🏽 This is only the beginning! 🙏🏾

LeeToya Grant


“I just wanted to say thank you for always sending out these emails.  Your
advice is much appreciated and it’s good solid advice. You are a true
leader!!  Many times over these last few months I have been tempted to
throw in the towel on my business that I have worked so hard on building
for many years.  Your emails push me to get up off my butt and stay in
contact with my customers, and my employees and  to get out there ahead of
this and make my business stronger than ever!!  I will always be grateful
for the support you have given me these last few months.  IT HAS MADE A
DIFFERENCE!!  Thank you!!”

With Love and Gratitude!!  Jenny Tucarella



“Thank you so much for YOUR time Stacey! I really appreciate it! I
  intend to follow your advice and have a heart to heart with my client.
  I will let you know how it goes! Please let me know how I can
  compensate you for invaluable council. Once again, I am so grateful I
  found you!”  Annette Sheppard


Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and tips!
I don’t get to read everything, but when I read something of yours, I learn
something new to implement in my tiny business to make it better.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

Bea Viera