Customer Profile Worksheets
for House Cleaning

Learn how to keep your customers’
complete needs top of mind, every time!

pricing a house cleaning course

Eliminate the issues of forgotten alarm codes or pass codes necessary for entry.

Don’t be embarrassed because you forgot the sitter’s name or the dog walker’s name… again!

But most importantly, keep track of the cleaning agents you need to use on certain types of surfaces no matter the need.

There are several reasons to keep correct, current, and useful information on each of your cleaning customers.  No matter if you just have 1 or 3 or 10 house cleaning customers, having a customer profile worksheet is vital to your success.

  • It brings structure to your cleaning procedures by highlighting a more efficient way of getting the job done.
  • Having a customer profile handy for every job helps with scheduling your work day.
  • You will be able to offer your customers a comprehensive cleaning plan rather than only providing basic cleanings. 
  • These sheets will prepare you to offer additional cleaning services in the future such as carpet and floor care.


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After becoming frustrated while trying to do everything cleaning gurus told me to do 27 years ago, I started to create my own cleaning business systems one by one. I learned to trust my gut and find my ideal cleaning clientele, incorporate real strategies for success, and develop my own pricing scale.

Am I a cleaning expert? Some might say so. But for certain I'm a cleaning business strategist and I hope your new friend. I help aspiring cleaners (side hustlers) to get a simple start to business ownership. And, I assist solopreneurs and small cleaning business owners to grow using smart methods.

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