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for professional house cleaning business owners

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Quality, detailed, client intake forms especially designed for professional house cleaners to collect all of the important details of each customer.

Used and trusted by thousands of world-wide house cleaning professionals.

Exclusively customized for house cleaners.

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These are print-and-go professional cleaning business worksheets! 

Created for house cleaning business OWNERS by a house cleaning business OWNER with 27 years of experience!

Here’s what you’ll be able to do

Collect the most important details like the square footage of each room, requested cleaning supplies, and room density so that you can offer your BEST cleaning solutions and grow your business!

Keep track of each family member’s names and phone numbers, including the pet sitter, the nanny or frequent visitors. Knowing this information encourages trust with your customers.   

BONUS: ESTIMATOR GUIDE – Learn how to price your next house cleaning job by the hour!

Collecting the right information for each home will help you to grow your business and establish trust with your clientele… especially if you’re just starting out.

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