Why You Should Charge More For The First Office Cleaning

Why Charge More for the First Commercial Office Cleaning. Floor Cleaning Machine in office lobby.
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There is only one good reason why you should charge more for the first office cleaning. That is: To Get The Office In Good Condition For You To Begin Your Cleaning Maintenance. It would be difficult to promise clean floors when, in all honestly, the floors need a good scrubbing first. Here are a few other things you should consider before pricing your next office cleaning.


Take thorough notes when performing your initial walk through. You will want to highlight the overall condition of the office, not just getting the square footage.


Writing down the condition of each room or each level helps with bidding a commercial cleaning job. It also helps you to figure out if you should charge more for the first office cleaning.


Noting the conditions of all surfaces enables you to give a more accurate price for the commercial cleaning. If you need help, please feel free to download this handy customer profile worksheet for janitorial cleaning services. It is designed to help you notice the areas that really matter.

Assess the structural surfaces in-depth. They will determine why you should charge more for the first office cleaning.

It is the floors (carpet and hard surface), the windows, the rest rooms, the break room/lounge, entrance, and the walls.


If these areas are in a manageable condition, then it may not be necessary to charge to wash windows, or clean carpet, or give the rest rooms a good deep cleaning.


Your company can just assume the maintenance schedule. You can simply begin your work and perform the deep cleaning according to the existing schedule.


I must say, this is not typical for most commercial cleaning. For whatever reason, you were selected to offer a bid to perform the cleaning maintenance. And, in most scenarios, the former cleaning service left the building in an unsatisfactory state.

In a situation that your company has won a bid and the office building is in bad shape, you should charge more for the first cleaning.

Undoubtedly, the floors, windows, and entrance will need a deep scrub. And, more than likely so will the rest rooms.


In this scenario, it would only make sense to add an additional fee to the cleaning costs. Think about it. You will need additional chemicals, supplies, and labor costs. All of those additional costs should not come out of your pocket. You should simply attach an initial cleaning price to your bid proposal. Got it. Cool.

Need help?  Enter the free deep cleaning challenge and learn how to upsell your cleaning services.


Now, in a case where there are minimum extras you want to care for in the beginning of your new contract, you could probably charge an extra 30%-50%.


In this instance, you are not necessarily deep cleaning any one particular area of the office. You and your team are giving a comprehensive cleaning to all areas. This helps to bring the office to a certain standard for you to work with moving forward.


Attaching a small fee also give you a little padding to familiarize yourself with the space. Even if you have an excellent maintenance schedule, actually running the schedule can be a bit challenging at first. It takes time to get a good routine going, especially if there’s a team involved. Regardless, this extra time is money.


If you haven’t grabbed the commercial cleaning customer profile worksheet, you can still pick it up right here.


I’ll be honest, we have worked an “initial fee” into a maintenance contract for a few government agencies. So, we actually did the initial cleaning gradually. THIS does happen.  We have only done this a few times with some of our customers. 


You see, it is your business, and the agreement is between you and your customer.


At the time, our customer simply couldn’t afford an initial fee. So, we simply added a percentage to their monthly fee over a one-year contract. It worked out just fine.  And in all honesty, we really needed the work at the time and couldn’t afford to let the opportunity go.


I will say that the vast majority of janitorial services will simply charge the additional fee up front just to get the work done and start off right.


So, on your next initial walk through, take a look at the floors, windows, lounge/ break room, rest rooms, entrance and walls. Calculate a fair price for one thorough initial cleaning if necessary. If not, add a small percentage into an annual contract to cover you.


These are the major reasons why you should charge more for the first office cleaning!


(By the way, if your janitorial service has not added additional cleaning to your current office cleaning customers, consider doing so.  It gives you the opportunity MAKE MORE MONEY and ENCOURAGE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.  If you enter the FREE deep cleaning challenge, we will walk you through this simple process. Just fill out the form below.)



“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”
— Jim Rohn


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