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Spring - deep cleaning offices
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Here’s why spring cleaning offices is important to your customers and your professional janitorial business.  It can benefit you both equally. Your customers will experience a more comprehensive cleaning. You will expand your skills AND create more revenue streams.

Let’s jump right into it, if that’s okay with you? 😉

Professional deep cleaning services for office buildings is important for many reasons.

Here are 3 major reasons why incorporating spring/deep cleaning into your cleaning maintenance schedule can be vital to all your customers.

1. Deep cleaning or spring cleaning, allows your customers to experience a more thoroughly clean office space other than what is provided daily or weekly.
2. Giving this spring cleaning two, three or four times a year will protect and prolong the life of the varying surfaces in your customers’ work space.
3. By providing comprehensive cleaning maintenance services, you show your customers the true value you bring to them. It really sets you apart from the norm.


I remember when we first got started with our janitorial cleaning company. 

I started it about 7 years before my husband came on board. We currently still own and operate our professional maid and janitorial cleaning service.  We’re going on 26 years now! 


Anyway, I should say that I did not offer customized cleaning services at the very beginning. When I started cleaning, I simply made general cleaning checklists. I never considered detailed office cleaning because I didn’t know how to clean anything beyond basic cleaning.

That was a HUGE mistake and left a lot of money on the table.

I quickly got past this “I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing”,  and learned what my customers were really looking for.

My customers wanted a one-stop shop to provide their every cleaning maintenance need.  They didn’t want the hassle of having to find a separate carpet cleaning company or a serparate window cleaning company.  They wanted our company to service all of their needs.  

After all, who knew their space best? 

We did. 


We knew the layout of their office.  What areas were used the most.  And which areas were hardly ever touched and didn’t require all that much cleaning.

We knew our customers.  

Plus, our customers trusted us.  They were already familiar with our business, our team members, and they way we conducted ourselves.  So why not propose additional cleaning if we saw the need?

Offer more in-depth cleaning services for your commercial cleaning customers.  It will be worth it in the long run.

Yes, it may cost you money to learn a carpet cleaning method.  Or, to spend time on countless tutorials of “How To Clean This or That.” Or, to invest in more chemicals For This or That. Trust me, it’s all worth it.

Unless, your customers have a really tight budget, most of them will jump at the chance of your offer for additional cleaning services.  We’ve yet to find a customer that turned down requests for extra cleaning in their offices. 

Even some of our non-profit facilities took advantage of deep cleanings like carpet care, floor scrubbing, atrium windows and exterior window cleaning. 

If you’re interested in providing Spring and/or deep cleaning services to your commercial cleaning clientele, consider entering the FREE DEEP CLEANING CHALLENGE today!

The deep cleaning challenge helps you to identify your customer’s areas of concern.  Gives you suggestions of extra cleaning care packages.  Gives you a simple pricing guide to charge the right amount for your extra work.  Helps you to schedule things out.


I mean, once we pointed out the need to care for such items, they got right on board. Our customers wanted us to care for their every need. We eliminated their fuss over trying to find other cleaning companies for services that we could provide.


Before you perform any office deep cleaning services, understand what you’re upcharging for.


A commercial office space may bring in $1,300 per month. But for the same office you can bring in an extra $205 in the same month.  Here’s how.

If you add in an additional $100 for window cleaning. $30 to clean the office freezer/ refrigerator combo. And maybe wash the bathroom walls for $75.

The extras can be yours for the asking! Sooooooo, ask.

Now you might be curious as to how to tackle this concept, especially if you are new to the cleaning business industry. So, I have outlined a step-by-step approach.


First, access the office space.

Literally walk all around and check each room and each level. Look over the halls, the stair cases, the lobby. Take a look outside. Explore any and all possibilities. Write down everything and anything that YOU can possibly clean. Even if you have to subcontract the work out. 

Secondly, consider your price to deep clean the extra items.

When deciding on how to charge for spring cleaning offices, think of how much time it will take you to perform the task and the material you will need.  Always base your prices on your estimated cleaning time.


This is how I recommend you break it down. Let’s take window cleaning for example.

Ok, so if you had 6 sets of patio doors you want to offer to clean for you customer who is a restaurant. You decide that it will take you 3-4 hours to clean both sides of the glass. Vacuum and wipe the tracks and frame. AND remove the screen to hose down. Then put the screen back on track properly.

For your products, you went with Dawn dish liquid, a combo squeegee with cloth attachment, a couple of buckets, nylon scrub pad, window scraper blade, step ladder, 100% cotton towels or paper towels. This cost may be about $10 because most of these supplies are not consumable. ($4 for actual consumables and $6 towards your material mark-up costs.) Got it?


So, the bulk of your pricing will be labor costs.

Let’s say you have best guessed that it will only take you about 3-4 hours to complete the job. (Personally, I would say add at least ½ that amount of time because there may be an issue with anything and you simply don’t want to give your time away. Time is all you’re charging for anyway.)  All right?

Considering this, your time becomes 5-6 hours to complete the patio cleaning job. Now put your hourly rate on that. (Hourly rates for Professional Maid and Janitorial Cleaning Services vary with many factors involved. Location, Experience, Material, out of service area, parking costs at the job site, equipment rentals, etc. (The current rates in the US are $25 – $45 per hour.)

Still with me?

In this case, you may charge $30 per hour. That would be $150 – $180 to clean the patio doors. Now add the $10 material cost and balance the labor fee in order to give your customer one exact quote. $175.00 would be your total price and it should not take you more than 5 ½ hours to clean all 6 patio door sets with the outlined material.

Third. Prepare your proposal.

It doesn’t matter if you text your customer the quote, have a casual conversation with them, call them on the phone, email them, or leave a paper proposal on their kitchen counter top. All of that is inconsequential. 

The point is to just reach out – don’t let this become a hindrance, because it can.  

Forth and lastly.

Just make it happen. Be sure to schedule the extra time.

There’s nothing worse than to schedule an extra cleaning for one customer and forget that you were supposed to be at another customer’s office to clean.

Be careful and allow enough time. Even travel time.  Just sayin’.


Ok, let’s rinse and repeat.

In conclusion, “find” extra items to spring or deep clean in offices that bring honest value to your customer. Price appropriately. Offer the proposal to your customer. Make it happen and schedule the cleaning. Providing fantastic customer care, creating new revenue sources, and improving your skills as a professional janitorial contractor are 3 major reasons why spring | deep cleaning offices is important.

“The human spirit is like an elastic band. The more you stretch, the greater your capacity.” Bidemi Mark-Mordi

Until next time,

Happy Cleanings



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