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Doing a deep dive into cleaning any home can be time consuming, confusing, and lots of hard work. It’s why many homeowners hire professionals like yourself to provide detail cleaning services. Here’s why it’s important to perform spring cleaning services to your residential clients.


Late February would be a great time to prepare for the Spring Cleaning season. As you provide general cleaning services to your customers on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, start taking a look at certain areas of the house. 


For Instance, while you’re in the bathrooms, look closely at all the tile and the walls. Is there anything extra you can do to make them look better?


Move through the house. How does the carpet look? (Even if you’re not interested in carpet cleaning or aren’t trained for it, perhaps consider subcontracting the work to another cleaning pro.)


Check out the baseboards. Can they use an extra scrubbing as opposed to the usual swipe with a duster?


What about ceiling fans?  Those also get the simple swipe of a lambswool feather duster. But, why not offer to actually wash them down? Why not offer more?


When you get into the kitchen, are the cabinets and walls as clean as they can be?  Are there any improvements you see that are beyond general cleaning maintenance as you walk through.


Jot everything down. It will make all the difference.



Continue to take notes on any and everything you think you can handle as an extra or rather, “Spring” cleaning task. Remember to look in every room. 


There are 2 direct benefits to you if you provide spring cleaning. 

  1.  It prevents you from having to use extra chemicals when providing general cleaning maintenance.
  2.  And, it keeps you from spending too much time on certain tasks during routine cleaning.


Let’s dive in and find out why professional spring cleaning is important.

The first reason why spring cleaning is important is that it gives the homeowner the opportunity to declutter.


Decluttering organizes a home. It gets rid of anything and everything that is not wanted. 


If your customer requests you to declutter for them, be sure to charge by the hour. During this process, items, clothes and even furnishings are often put into piles or tagged for donations or trash or keep for storage. This process often takes time and a lot of thought. Remember, your time is money. So, be sure to charge for your time accordingly.


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The next reason spring cleaning is so important is that it helps YOU to focus on exactly what needs deep cleaning. 


As you have taken a look around the entire house, room by room, top to bottom, you should have several items listed. These tasks should not be so challenging that you can’t complete them. If you have listed items that require special skills or equipment, consider bringing in a sub-contractor. (Always, always inform your customer that someone other than yourself or your staff will be present in their home.  ALWAYS.)

Some items to Spring Clean are

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Hard surface floor care

  • Upholstery cleaning and care


Some of these will involve machinery and additional products. So, price accordingly. Take the DEEP CLEANING CHALLENGE today and unlock your 15 items to deep clean.


By the way, I have discovered two essential products that I can’t do without. My canister vacuum is a must have regardless if I am providing general cleaning maintenance or spring cleaning. This vacuum is light weight, so it is very easy to carry back and forth. Has a long cord. Powerful and durable. I can vacuum hard surfaces and carpet without changing tools. And for steps and upholstery, it comes with tools! That’s right, you don’t have to purchase separate tools.  


I have also found that this little cleaning tool helps tremendously with window care. Honestly, don’t even attempt to clean windows without one.


Additionally, if you are just starting your cleaning business, it it perfectly fine to purchase items from The Dollar Tree.  Simple products like bucket, and towels, spray bottles and scour pads are economical at this store.  The Dollar Tree can deliver your items OR you can order on-line and pick up your purchase at the nearest store to you! They’re fantastic!


Quick note: if you are unsure how to charge for house cleaning, read this article and then take a guess at how long it will take you to clean each item. You can charge by the hour OR by the item/task. 


If you get your customer’s approval to provide the additional services, keep in mind of the extra time at each home. Be sure to check your schedule before adding extra work.  


You have every advantage to perform the spring  cleaning

  1. You know the layout of the home.

  2. You know the customer and they are familiar with you as well.

  3. You know the type of material they like used in the home.

  4. You already have access to the home and your customers trust you.



Additionally cleaning (Spring Cleaning) is yours for the asking. You just have to ask. 😉


Detail cleaning certain surfaces such as ceiling fans and wall and floor tile can help the general cleaning maintenance easier for the rest of the year. You simply won’t have to deep clean. This means less products for you to supply as you provide services for the rest of the year.

The last reason why spring cleaning is so important is that it gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue.


Providing spring cleaning can certainly increase your profit and it is why we are all in business. It is fantastic that you love to clean. It is even greater that you get paid to do what you love.



In conclusion, 1. Offer to, or express the need to declutter.  2. Take a thorough walk through of each customer’s home taking notes of what you are able to clean for the spring season.  3. Decide on your prices for each item/task or what you would charge by the hour.  4. Give a proposal to your customer regarding the extra cleaning.  5. Schedule likewise.


Best to you in this great opportunity to increase your revenue! Spring is a great time for the cleaning industry. 😊



“Risk is essential. There is not growth of inspiration in staying within what is safe and comfortable. Once you find out what you do best, why not try something else?  Alex Noble

Until next time,

Happy cleaning!



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