How To Time Block Your Work Day

How To Time Block Your Work Day
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Are you looking for a better way to not feel rushed throughout your day?  Consider time blocking your daily schedule.  And, if you need help to bring more structure to planning your day, keep reading to find out how to time block your work day.


Let’s be honest, no one likes to feel rushed their entire day.  Seriously, who likes being late and not on point with their work schedule?


Can you relate to that feeling of arriving late to a cleaning appointment? Even if it is just 10 minutes – late is late.


Elbert and I know that feeling all too well. And it really doesn’t matter why we would be late. Again, late is late.


And it happens. Not every day.  But it happens.



Picture this: about mid-day you’re running 10 minutes late to your next cleaning assignment. Then about 1pm, you realize that you’re running about 30 minutes late for your last appointment for the day.


This happens to the best of us. And again, not every day. But, that one day, can be way too much.


Have you ever heard of time blocking? It is when you actually block out time in your schedule for the selected tasks that you have.


Most professional cleaning service providers, particularly solopreneurs, will write down the time of arrival for each customer but not write down the stop time for that cleaning.



Check out this mock schedule for a typical work day:

7:00am     Max’s Heating and Cooling Co.

9:00am    Jones’ House

1:00pm   Rowe’s House

3:45pm   pick-up kids from school



This schedule seems ok, right? But there are no end times. It is just assumed that you will have enough time to clean each place and arrive at the next place at the decided hour.


We would all like to assume that this works. And sometimes it does.


Until it doesn’t.



Why not time block your work day, every day?


Time blocking your work day does not have to complicate things. It helps. There are benefits to scheduling your day by blocking a certain amount of time for each task.


Here’s how to time block your work day and how it benefits your daily schedule.


When you write out your itinerary for the day, select the start time and the end time per cleaning assignment. By doing this, you will know if you have allocated enough time to complete the job. Especially if you charge by the hour for office cleaning or however you charge for house cleaning, time blocking is important.


It is important to factor in the set up and the break down for each job as well. This is where time can be lost. Or if you run into something unexpected at the job, take this into consideration also.


Consider your travel time between your cleaning assignments. No matter if it takes 10 minutes or 20 minutes, you should factor this into your schedule too.


So, according to the mock schedule above, your agenda will look more like this:

7:00am- 9:00am     Max’s Heating & Cooling Co. – Office Cleaning

                Transition (15 mins)

9:15am-12:45am   Jones’ – House Cleaning

                transition & lunch (45 mins)

1:30pm-3:30pm     Rowe’s – HouseCleaning

                Transition (15 mins)

3:45pm         pick-up kids from school



You can practice time blocking your day by simply making a list of your daily work schedule and any other obligations. I promise, you’ll realize just how important it is to write down your start time, end time and transition time.  It will make a difference in your work day.


Once you time block your work day, you will see your schedule with more clarity. In the example above, notice the arrival times had to be adjusted to accommodate the travel/transition time.


In some situations, either the cleaning will be rushed, or the transition times will be rushed. In most cases, lunch will be skipped in order to stay on track.


Word of advice: factor you in your work day. Taking care of yourself is just as important as providing a service for your customers. If you need to pull your vehicle over to take a 20-minute sanity break, (oops, sorry, my bad). … a 20-minute lunch break, by all means do that.


Take care of yourself, and schedule that time too. You matter!


Most of us aren’t just professional cleaners. We are so much more. We have families and are involved in civic, social or religious organizations and we have to allow time for those engagements in our schedule also.


If we are running late throughout our work day, our personal plans may suffer the consequences too.


Personally, I can’t tell you how many times, I have asked my father-in-love to pick up our boys from school just because my schedule was thrown off.  Ahem, it just happened last week. Just being real with you.


True enough, no one can predict every circumstance that may throw a monkey wrench in our day. Things like being caught by a train or two, sick kiddos that we have to rearrange care for, the new puppy that decides your work shoes are his new place to go poop.




Nope, no one can predict these things. However, having a good time blocked work day helps you to stay on track with our planned schedule.


To sum up time blocking your work day

As you write out your schedule, include the end time per job, when you write the arrival time. Include your transition or travel time as well. Be realistic and consider the traffic. Don’t forget to allocate time for a lunch break. Sometimes just pulling over for a few minutes to collect yourself or make a phone call or anything can be crucial to surviving your day. Mental and physical breaks are necessary for us all. Think about your other commitments. It’s not always about work, and your schedule needs to reflect that. This is how to effectively block your work day.



“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” – Steve Jobs



Until next time,

Happy cleanings!



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