21 printables for office cleaners

Detailed, comprehensive, and affordable commercial office cleaning business forms.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to all 21 print-n-go business forms


I decided to purchase this bundle because I needed more guidance and I wasn't finding enough of the information I needed online. These forms are very helpful and informative. I really liked how smooth the purchasing process was too. Once I paid, I received the link immediately.

Thea Taylor

It makes no sense… buying forms online that don’t serve commercial janitorial service-based business owners.

 Business forms are supposed to help your service-based company work for you, be user friendly, and help you to build a strong foundation so that you can systematize your business. 

Most common forms found online aren’t detailed enough, stuffed with unnecessary wording and requires you to hand write essential elements in order to make your business “suitable” to the form.  

Wouldn’t it be better to use forms designed to be “suitable” for YOUR business instead?



Here’s what I mean…

Compare The Office Building Cleaning Business Starter Bundle’s Customer Profile Worksheet to what you’ll most likely find with other forms.

client profile form
picture of client profile

Other forms leave too much open space and blank lines with no clear direction as to what matters most. Having key details like this helps you to build your foundation as a pro office cleaner!

What you need are customer profile intake forms that will prompt you to collect very specific and pertinent details from each customer. Forms like these will help you to provide the best service, offer your best rate, and grow your cleaning business the right way!

In fact all 21 forms in the Office Building Cleaning Business Starter Bundle are exclusively designed for janitorial service providers by a janitorial service provider with 27 years’ experience. 

Here’s what you get

4 start up forms for office cleaning with a green banner
words about goal setting
customer care forms for office cleaning with a green banner
words for money management for office cleaning
  • Office cleaning checklist
  • Simple pricing formula
  • Basic cleaning products
  • Name your business help form
  • Inventory tracker
  • List of customer service skills
  • Customer profile worksheets
  • Janitorial Contract
  • Leads/ customer tracker
  • Job income tracker
  • Cleaning invoice form
  • Cleaning receipt form
  • Marketing plan form
  • Start up checklist
  • Detail cleaning request form
  • Design your cleaning schedule
  • Annual goals form
  • Quarterly goals form
  • Monthly goals form
  • Weekly “to do” schedule form
  • Goals tracker form

-Meet the creator-

Starting my cleaning side hustle at 20 years old, I knew how frustrating it was to settle on business forms that were not catered specifically to the needs of the professional cleaning service industry.  So I created my own. 

Month after month, I crafted each form to fit the needs of my cleaning company while creating a firm foundation so that I could systematize every area of my business.

Years later, with the partnership of my husband, our amazing staff, and with a firm foundation in place, my business grew to mid-six figures and fulfilled my wildest dreams! 

Now, 27 years STRONG, I've retired, and I help aspiring entrepreneurs to START and GROW their house and office building cleaning service businesses to achieve their big dreams. 

I’d love to help you do the same.

-Seen on-

I’m a returning customer. I can across these forms on Facebook. I've already bought the residential cleaning forms and I was amazed by how detailed but simple they were! I had to to try the commercial forms, and for the same low price, I couldn't beat it!

Lesia Warrior



Here’s how it works

1 Click any gold button and complete the checkout process.

2  Receive a confirmation email within moments from “noreply@sendowl”.  

3 Open the email from “noreply@sendowl” and click the hyperlink to download.

4 Download all forms. THEN make as many copies as you like from that 1 download.

5 Relax with confidence. You now have the most detailed business forms exclusively designed for office building cleaning pros!

Imagine having the right professional business forms

Catered to the EXACT needs and “fits like a glove” for an office building cleaning (service-based) business.

Purposefully designed to help you create a firm foundation all while systematizing the important areas like starting up, customer care concerns, managing your finances and achieving all your goals.

You purchase just once and you’ll never run out again.  You can copy over and over from your INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

🎯 PLUS: ONE ADDED BONUS you won’t get anywhere else. FREE weekly cleaning service business tips! 

mockup of computer laptop with office cleaning forms

I needed to grow my cleaning service business by adding on more commercial office building accounts so I purchased these forms. I can’t put it down. It's such a wealth of information!

Linda Brown
q and a with Stacey Freeman

When will I get my forms? As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will receive all 21 forms via your email address.  All forms are INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOADS (print-n-go). 

Can I use these forms for my residential cleaning business?  No. This Office Building Cleaning Business Starter Bundle is exclusively for commercial office building (janitorial) cleaning solopreneurs and small cleaning teams.

Can I purchase any forms individually? No, not at this time.  I can only offer all 21 forms as a package.  This is why its such a fantastic offer right now – less than $1.50 per form!

I’ve already started my company.  Can I still buy this starter bundle?  Yes you can.  Although most cleaners eventually switch to digital methods of tracking, a lot of professional cleaners find it easier to use paper templates for everyday operations. 

Can I personalize these forms? YES YOU CAN! Once you’ve purchased, you will receive an automatic email in 1 day asking for your feedback.  Provide the feedback, I will then send you a link to edit ALL 21 FORMS.  You can then add your logo, change the font colors, or switch things around using Canva… all for FREE if you provide feedback!

Do I need a desktop computer to download? No.  You can download all forms to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can then print from your download.

How many copies can I make? Once you’ve completed the checkout process, you will receive your 27 pages (21 different printables) Office Building Cleaning Starter Bundle inside the email inbox you provide.  From THAT PDF download, you can make AS MANY COPIES AS YOU LIKE. No need to ever purchase this product again!

What if I don’t like the forms.  Is there a refund policy?  No.  Since these forms are an INSTANT DOWNLOAD there’s nothing to return FOR A REFUNDALL SALES ARE FINAL

This sales page shows you every form in the bundle. If you have any questions, please reach out to Stacey at stacey@ajanitorsstory.com before purchase.

I want you to be completely satisfied with these forms just like you want your customers completely satisfied with your cleaning services.

Is this a membership? No.  You only pay once, receive your instant download of all 21 forms, and that’s it.  THERE IS NO FURTHER COMMITMENT. 

21 printables for office cleaners

Detailed, comprehensive, and affordable commercial office cleaning business forms.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to all 21 print-n-go business forms


Not ready to buy today?  You can try one of the forms for FREE.

4 sheets for professional cleaning biz
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*Digital products such as these templates are created to help the purchaser (cleaning service business owner) with their cleaning business.  THEY ARE NOT TO BE RESOLD OR SHARED.  Please refer to my privacy policy.

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