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Starting an office building cleaning service business is EXCITING, but it can be CONFUSING.

Knowing the exact details you need to collect from each job location can be tough especially when you need those key specifics when pricing.

Understanding why you should be using a pricing formula and not random quotes you find in social media groups. Learn how to price right for each job.

Learning the best marketing strategy for you and is key for real growth and NOT relying on what’s popular or what works for someone else’s cleaning business.

Creating your own cleaning checklists and schedules can be overwhelming.  Take the guesswork out of it especially if you’ve never done it before.

Finding cleaning invoices and receipts fit for a “service-based” business and NOT a “product-based” business can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Well, your search is over.

Learning which cleaning products to use and keep track of with an inventory sheet takes time.  It doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

Your hardest search may be finding a simple, affordable, detailed janitorial cleaning contract so that you can finally get started with your office cleaning service business.




🎯 Exclusively designed – done for you professional business forms. 

🎯 NO Shipping – Print-and-go.  

🎯 Easy to understand.  Simple.  Affordable.

Each form will help you show up like a PRO even if you’re just starting out! 

How would I know?

Creator of A Janitor's Story®

I designed these forms with you in mind. I know what it means to start an office building cleaning service from scratch. I side hustled at night and on the weekends cleaning offices. By saving money, bartering services, and strategizing my new business, I bootstrapped my way to success.

Back then, business forms were too broad, expensive for a start-up and didn’t address the felt needs of my clientele. So, I made my own. I believe that commercial office building janitorial forms should be simple. Easy. Affordable. And at your fingertips considering our current climate.

Many years later, with the partnership of my husband and our amazing staff, my business grew to mid-six figures and fulfilled my wildest dreams! One way I achieved this was by using simple, detailed, and easy to understand cleaning business forms.

Now, 27 years STRONG, I've retired, and I help aspiring entrepreneurs to START and GROW their house and office cleaning service businesses to achieve their big dreams. Can I help you with your office building janitorial business today?

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I've provided PROFESSIONAL house, office, and post construction cleaning services for 27 years using simple and easy to understand customized business forms.

Now, YOU CAN DO the same with your cleaning business starting TODAY!

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Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to this Office Building Cleaning Business Starter Bundle 

  • No commitment required.  You can print-and-go!
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  • These are NOT random forms.  Each form is intentional to help you save time and money, establish trust with your customers, and grow your NEW cleaning business!
cleaning business forms

Here’s what you can do with each form…

Customer Profile Worksheets ($15 value) This template is the most in-depth, 2-page office building cleaning client intake form you’ll ever find! Useful for collecting key details to help you price right and upsell.  INCLUDED: a suggested cleaning schedule

Office Building Cleaning (task) Checklist ($10 value) Use these sheets to checkoff nightly cleaning tasks as they are completed.  It keeps you accountable and your customers in the know. (My branding has been removed so that you can pass this along TO YOUR CUSTOMERS)

Basic Cleaning Products List ($10 value) Basic office building cleaning supplies list for new professional cleaners. PLUS: supplemental links to an article and online store where you can readily purchase. There are post-sick cleaning product suggestions too!

Cleaning Service Invoice ($10 value) These sheets serve best when you have completed several cleaning jobs in one month and your agreement is to submit an invoice for services provided. They’re great for recurring service customers. (My branding has been removed so that you can pass this along to YOUR CUSTOMERS)

Leads | Customer Tracking Sheet ($10 value) A great way to keep “track” and follow up with all potential office building cleaning customers you have not secured.  

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There's MORE

Important Customer Service Skills ($10 value) They’re valuable learned lessons!  Understanding how to conduct yourself as it relates to your business is crucial for your success.

How to create an SEO friendly cleaning business name ($10 value) 7 ideas to help you to find an SEO friendly and CLEAR office building cleaning business name.  Nowadays, SEO is everything!

Cleaning Service Receipt ($10 value)  Service-based cleaning business receipts are perfect for one-time cleaning jobs.  (My branding has been removed so that you can pass along to YOUR CUSTOMERS.)

Marketing Plan ($10 value) This powerful template serves as an easy way to keep track of your quarterly goals when advertising your NEW cleaning business online, in person, and on social platforms. This is a REAL VALUE!

Inventory tracker (for cleaning supplies) ($10 value) This printable is used to keep stocked with your cleaning supplies so that you never run out.

Total value of $105!

📌BONUS 1: Janitorial Cleaning Contract ($15 value) When starting a house cleaning business, you’ll want to keep everything simple and easy. Your cleaning agreement can be just that… simple and easy. A customer preferred, simplified 1-page cleaning proposal/ agreementIS ALL YOU NEED! (My branding has been removed so that you can pass this along to YOUR CUSTOMERS.)

📌BONUS 2: Job income tracking sheet for reinvestment ($15 value) This sheet is used to keep “track” of all your income.  It can be used to help you allocate an amount or percentage each month to reinvest into your office cleaning business.

📌BONUS 3: Simple Pricing Formula ($15 value) You will learn how to create your unique hourly cleaning rate.  This sheets breaks down hourly pricing and gives you supportive links to help you find office cleaning service providers’ prevailing cleaning rates.  A REAL VALUE!

$45 additional in BONUSES!

Your forms make running a business so much smoother and stress free, better than any others I’ve seen online. I really appreciate that Marketing Plan form because that’s how we generate our business so it was very important to be able to jump right into it with ease! It was nice to be able to go through PayPal to purchase the forms! Because PayPal was an option is the ONLY reason I purchased them! PayPal is very secure.

Martina Paris


13 office cleaning business forms

  Exclusively customized for office building janitorial cleaning pros. Done-for-you forms.

No commitment necessary.  Print-and-go.

Easy to understand. Simple. Affordable.

Get all 13 essential business forms!

Total value $150. You save $126.

24 price markdown




You won’t find anywhere else.  FREE weekly insider tips to help you get STARTED and GROW your cleaning service business!


I have been using the tools and information that you have provided for my cleaning business that I started in January.  I have found it all useful. Thank you and I appreciate all the information that you provide and the wonderful words of encouragement during this time!

Nicole Mitchell

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shipping process? All of these forms are templates – DIGITAL FORMS.  So, as soon as you complete the checkout process, you will receive all 13 forms via your email address.  Again, they are INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOADS.  Nothing will be mailed to you, and there’s no other commitments.

How do I know these aren’t random forms found in office supply stores or popular printable sites online?  These forms were designed EXCLUSIVELY for office building – janitorial cleaning entrepreneurs by a cleaning entrepreneur with 27 years experience. Each template is consistently branded with basic professional fonts.  They’re created to capture all pertinent information to encourage trust from your clientele, and to help you grow your business.

How many copies can I make? Once you’ve completed the checkout process, you will receive your 17 pages (13 different printables) Office Building Cleaning Starter Bundle inside the email inbox you provide.  From THAT PDF download, you can make AS MANY COPIES AS YOU LIKE. 

Can I use these forms for my house cleaning business?  Not really. This Office Building Cleaning Business Starter Bundle is preferably for office cleaning solopreneurs and small office building cleaning teams.

What if I don’t like the forms.  Is there a refund policy?  No.  Since these forms are an INSTANT DOWNLOAD there’s nothing to return FOR A REFUNDALL SALES ARE FINAL

This sales page outlines every printable that you will receive with a snapshot.  This page also explains exactly what each form is used for and why it’s necessary. 

But if you want to know what any one (1) particular form looks like up close, email me at before purchase.

I want you to be completely satisfied with my forms just like you want your customers completely satisfied with your cleaning services.

Can I purchase any forms individually? No, not at this time.  I can only offer all 13 forms as a package.  This is why its such a fantastic offer right now.  Less than $2 per form!

I’ve already started my company.  Can I still buy this starter bundle?  Yes you can.  Although most cleaners eventually switch to digital methods of tracking.  A lot of professional cleaners find it easier to use paper templates for everyday operations.  I completely understand if you want to keep your business “easy”. 

What makes your forms so special and different from other forms? Great question!

FIRST. Accessing these forms require no membership and no future commitment!  They are print-and-go, IMMEDIATE DOWNLOADS! 

SECOND.  You will no longer “feel” like an amateur.   Especially when you use the office building cleaning checklists, the janitorial cleaning contract, the cleaning services invoice, and the cleaning services receipt.  They are NOT BRANDED with my company’s logo or website.  YOU will have exclusive limited use* of these particular forms.  Your customers will not have to see anyone else’s name but yours!

Third. Each printable will assist you in the most vital aspects of starting an office building cleaning service.  Specifically…

  1. Choosing a great business name so that you can be found organically on search engines AND on social platforms. (Name your cleaning business template)
  2. A list of character skills to adopt as best practice so that you show up like a Pro even if you’re just starting out. (Customer service skills)
  3. You’ll get a simplified method to track which marketing efforts will work and which don’t so that you can attract the right customers for your new cleaning business. (Marketing plan)
  4. There’s a template inside to help you follow up with leads (customers) once you’ve given an office building cleaning quote so that you don’t miss any opportunities to grow your business. (Leads tracker)
  5. You will get a simplified, customer preferred 1-page janitorial cleaning contract so that you operate your business legally and with ease and simplicity. BONUS: (JANITORIAL CLEANING CONTRACT)
  6. Included in this pack is the #1 best template that every professional office building cleaning entrepreneur needs to have on file so that you have access to every detail of each client to offer the best customer service you can. (Customer profile worksheets)
  7. You’ll get an awesome pricing template so that you’ll feel confident about your hourly office building cleaning rate.  BONUS: (SIMPLE PRICING FORMULA)
  8. Included is a professional house cleaning checklist.  It’s necessary so that you don’t clean an office building according to random forms found online. (Cleaning checklist)
  9. A list of basic office building cleaning supplies used by the pros. Included on the template is a supportive link so that you can purchase with ease. (Cleaning supplies list)
  10. A tracking template to help you keep an eye on your income and expenses every month per customer. BONUS: (JOB INCOME TRACKING SHEET)
  11. Also included in the bundle is an (Office building cleaning receipt) so that you keep good records for your business. Used after one-time cleanings. 
  12. And you get an (Office building cleaning invoice) so that you keep a good record of income.  Give to each customer for recurring services when necessary.
  13. And you’ll get a simple sheet to keep track of your on hand inventory. (Inventory tracking sheet)
mock computer screen surrounded by 13 cleaning business forms

Total value $150.  You save $126.

Not ready for this offer? You don’t have to leave empty-handed. Grab one of the forms for FREE.

*Digital products such as these templates are created to help the purchaser (cleaning service business owner) with their cleaning business.  THEY ARE NOT TO BE RESOLD.  Please refer to my privacy policy.

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