Don’t waste time and money on forms that require a pricey membership. Forms that look too “general” and aren’t designed for YOUR house cleaning business

Here’s a better solution.

Get 13 essential print-and-go business forms exclusively designed for professional house cleaners by a professional house cleaner!

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Total value $150 

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Essential “done-for-you” business forms that every NEW house cleaning entrepreneur will need. 

These simple and easy to use print-and go forms require NO membership fees and NO commitment.

Each form is exclusively designed for professional house cleaners by a professional house cleaner with 27 years’ experience!

Show up like a PRO even if you’re just starting out! 

Starting a residential cleaning service business is EXCITING, but knowing the exact forms, printables, and templates to use can be CONFUSING.

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I know all too well...

When I started my cleaning side hustle working nights and weekends 27 years ago - no formal training or acquired skills, I had to bootstrap my way and learn everything I needed if I wanted to be successful.

The general business forms that were available didn’t address the varying concerns that REAL house cleaners should keep track of. Things like client details, budgeting, scheduling, marketing, or even simple proposals and invoices are what will set you apart from the rest. And the forms back then made me feel like an amateur.

So I created my own…

I had to move past the obstacle of feeling like an amateur if I wanted to turn my side hustle into the thriving mid-six figure cleaning company it eventually became.  I wanted to feel like a pro – I wanted to show up like a real pro even though I was just starting out.  

So, inspired by “what I needed AND what my clients needed from me”, I designed only the most necessary business forms to present myself as real professional house cleaning business owner.


My forms were helpful in all the most important aspects of my business.  They helped me to GAIN TRUST WITH CUSTOMERS and helped me to GROW MY CLEANING BUSINESS!  

My offer to you...

Most forms found on the internet haven’t changed much for our cleaning industry. They're either "free trial" based forms offered from random general business sites. Or, "branded templates" you get access to once you've joined a pricey house cleaning membership.


My forms are print-and-go, NO WAIT TIME! Instant download, NO SHIPPING FEES! No commitment, NOTHING TO CANCEL LATER! These forms are exclusively designed for house cleaners that will help you to show up like a PRO even if you're just getting started!

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I've provided PROFESSIONAL house, office, and post construction cleaning services for 27 years using simple and easy to understand customized business forms.

Now, YOU CAN DO the same with your cleaning business starting TODAY!

Real Customers Served


Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to this House Cleaning Business Starter Bundle 

  • No commitment required.  You can print-and-go!
  • Nothing is shipped. Instant Download!
  • These are NOT random forms.  Each form is intentional to help you save time and money, establish trust with your customers, and grow your NEW cleaning business!

Stacey, I chose your cleaning forms because after searching other cleaning sites for templates (not wanting to create my own forms), I ran upon your site. The process of purchasing your pack was simple, affordable, and took maybe a total of 5 mins. I got all the forms downloaded and was using them to help me get all my client info organized and easy to access for my staff. I use all of the forms and I so appreciate you taking your time to think of other cleaning business owners. As we all know that being the owner you have little time to spend on creating these things. Again thank you so much.

Lee Ann Smith

Here’s what’s inside…

→ Customer Profile Worksheets ($15 value) This template is the most in-depth, 2-page house cleaning client intake form you’ll ever find! PLUS: you’ll get an estimator sheet to help you price every house cleaning by the hour! You’ll keep every pertinent detail of each of your customers at your fingertips. These sheets are a must have.

→ House Cleaning (task) Checklist ($10 value) This is a step by step and room by room task checkoff list.  You will checkoff each cleaning task as you go along and leave a copy for your customers.  Blank spaces are included so that you can cater to each individual residential cleaning customer.  (Great for special spring/ deep cleaning tasks add-ons.)  It’s the perfect accountability checklist! (My branding has been removed!)

→ Cleaning Supplies List ($10 value) There’s a difference between general house cleaning supplies versus what the pros use.  And now you’ll get that list TODAY!  PLUS: supplemental links to articles and online stores where you can readily purchase.  A list of post-sick cleaning product suggestions is included!

→ Cleaning Service Invoice ($10 value) There’s no need to shop online or go out to an office supply store.  This house cleaning business starter bundle comes with an essential business invoice form.  It’s simple enough for you to use and easy for your customers to understand.  These sheets serve best when you’ve completed several cleaning jobs in one month and your agreement is to provide an invoice for services already provided. (My branding has been removed!)

→ Cleaning Service Receipt ($10 value) Rather than leave a carbon copy pulled from a general receipt book, use this full-sized receipt that matches all your other printables. Leaving a receipt for your house cleaning jobs is a great way to demonstrate your professionalism even if you’re just starting out.  Receipts are perfect for one-time cleaning jobs(My branding has been removed.)

I purchased these forms because Stacey seemed to genuinely want to help me improve my cleaning company. Not only are her forms perfect for every house cleaner but she also gives good tips on what to do and not to do at houses. Improving yourself means improving your business and that’s exactly what Stacey is helping you do here!

Amy Duby
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There's MORE

→ Leads | Customer Tracking Sheet ($10 value) A great way to keep “track” of all potential house cleaning customers you’ve not yet secured.  It’s one thing to quote a house cleaning, but it’s another thing to acquire the customer.  This tracking sheet will help you to remember who you left a quote with, their location, when you should follow up with them, and their preferred method of contact.  This sheet is an important source when you’re starting out.

→ Marketing Plan ($10 value) This template is worth way more than the listed value.  It serves as an easy tracking system for your quarterly goals when advertising your NEW cleaning business.  Learn how to stay on budget when understanding where and how you want to advertise your cleaning services.  And, since every market is different, you’ll have to test the waters to see which online and social platforms will work and which ones are a waste of time.  This is a REAL VALUE!

→ Time Blocked Daily Schedule ($10 value) A very important tool to have as a house cleaning business startup. You’ll want a simple scheduler.  Here’s the thing, a “to do list” only names what you need to accomplish.  But a “time blocked” schedule will help you to keep track of the lost minutes from lunch time, travel time, and any extra daily errands you may have between cleaning appointments.  It’s a better way to have more control in your day and not lose your most precious resource… time

→ Important Customer Service Skills ($10 value) Not sure if you’re a good candidate to be your own boss?  This list of character traits is what ALL cleaning business owners should adopt.  And now you’ll have them at your fingertips!  They’re valuable learned lessons and my secret sauce of having “staying power” of 27 years in the cleaning industry!  Understanding how to conduct yourself as it relates to your business is crucial for your success.

→ Helpful Tips to Create an SEO Friendly Cleaning Business Name ($10 value) This 7-part template is a TREMENDOUS help.  In fact, there are many high-priced online SEO classes you can take just to help you do what this one sheet will do.  It helps you to find an SEO friendly and “CLEAR” house cleaning business name.  Nowadays, SEO is everything!

Total value of $105!

I am so happy I purchased these forms. It saves me so much time and money. Her package provided me with every form I needed. And I received them fast and hassle free. Her free advice is so useful too. Thank you!

Jessica Davidson

There's 3 more BONUS business forms every professional house cleaner should have!

3 house cleaning business forms

BONUS 1: Simple Pricing Formula ($15 value) No new house cleaning entrepreneur should question their prices.  This 2-step pricing guide will help you create your unique hourly cleaning rate.  And just in case you need a little extra help, there are supplemental articles and online links on the template to help you understand what other professionals are charging in your service area! 

BONUS 2: Income and Expense Tracker – Budget ($15 value) This is no generic business budget sheet.  This monthly income and expense tracking sheet exclusively detailed for small house cleaning startups will help you keep a record of all your financials in one place.  Start your cleaning company with a simple and easy way to keep your personal finances separate from your business.

BONUS 3: House Cleaning Agreement ($15 value) When starting a house cleaning business, you’ll want to keep everything simple and easy. Your cleaning agreement can be just that… simple and easy.  A one-page cleaning agreement that highlights what you agree to clean, how often, the price you agree to accept, who supplies the cleaning material, vacation stipulations for you AND your customers… IS ALL YOU NEED! (My branding has been removed!)

$45 additional in BONUSES!


13 cleaning business forms



✔  Exclusively customized for house cleaning pros!

No membership – No commitment!

Print-and-go professional house cleaning business forms!

Get all 13 essential business forms!

limited time only 24

I purchased these forms because they seemed to cover every aspect of the business compared to others. The income and expense tracker, the client profile, the pricing formula have so much more information than I would have ever thought necessary, my list of information is now complete. I couldn't ask for an easier purchase process. A few clicks and done. It was easy for me to decide to purchase this bundle, because I have been on Stacey's mailing list for sometime, and her emails are very informative and uplifting.

Jeanette Colon


You will receive weekly insider tips to help you get STARTED and GROW your cleaning service business!



I just registered my business as an LLC and you made it so simple for me right from the start. Plus the free resources you provide are so helpful! Keep up the amazing job, and I always look forward to your emails. They always make my day. Thank you for taking the time to send them out each week. You are amazing! – Yesenia Moquete


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shipping process? All of these forms are templates – DIGITAL FORMS.  So, as soon as you complete the checkout process, you will receive all 13 forms via your email address.  Again, they are INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOADS.  Nothing will be mailed to you, and there’s no other commitments.

How do I know these aren’t random forms found in office supply stores or popular printable sites online?  These forms were designed EXCLUSIVELY for house cleaning entrepreneurs by a house cleaning entrepreneur with 27 years experience. Each template is consistently branded with basic professional fonts.  They’re created to capture all pertinent information to encourage trust from your clientele, and to help you grow your business.

How many copies can I make? Once you’ve completed the checkout process, you will receive your 17 pages (13 different printables) House Cleaning Starter Bundle inside the email inbox you provide.  From THAT PDF download, you can make AS MANY COPIES AS YOU LIKE. 

Can I use these forms for my commercial office cleaning business?  No. This House Cleaning Business Starter Bundle is exclusively for beginner level residential maid cleaning solopreneurs and small house cleaning teams.

What if I don’t like the forms.  Is there a refund policy?  No.  Since these forms are an INSTANT DOWNLOAD there’s nothing to return FOR A REFUNDALL SALES ARE FINAL

This sales page outlines every printable that you will receive.  This page also explains exactly what each form is used for and why it’s necessary. 

But if you want to know what any one (1) particular form looks like up close, email me at before purchase.

I want you to be completely satisfied with my forms just like you want your customers completely satisfied with your cleaning services.

Can I purchase any forms individually? No, not at this time.  I can only offer all 13 forms as a package.  This is why its such a fantastic offer right now.

I’ve already started my company.  Can I still buy this starter bundle?  Yes you can.  Although most cleaners eventually switch to digital methods of tracking.  A lot of professional cleaners find it easier to use paper templates for everyday operations.  I completely understand if you want to keep your business “easy”. 

What makes your forms so special and different from other forms? Great question!

FIRST. Accessing these forms require no membership and no future commitment!  They are print-and-go, IMMEDIATE DOWNLOADS! 

SECOND.  You will no longer “feel” like an amateur.   Especially when you use the house cleaning checklists, the residential cleaning agreement, the cleaning services invoice, and the cleaning services receipt.  They are NOT BRANDED with my company’s logo or website.  YOU will have exclusive limited use* of these particular forms.  Your customers will not have to see anyone else’s name but yours!

Third. Each printable will assist you in the most vital aspects of starting a residential cleaning service.  Specifically…

  1. Choosing a great business name so that you can be found organically on search engines AND on social platforms. (Name your cleaning business template)
  2. A list of character skills to adopt as best practice so that you show up like a Pro! (Customer Service Skills)
  3. You’ll get a simplified method to track which marketing efforts will work and which don’t work so that you can attract the right customers for your new cleaning business. (Marketing Plan)
  4. There’s a template inside to help you follow up with leads (customers) once you’ve given a house cleaning quote so that you don’t miss any opportunities to grow your business. (Leads tracker)
  5. You will get a simplified, customer preferred 1-page house cleaning agreement so that you operate your business legally and with ease and simplicity. BONUS: (CLEANING AGREEMENT/PROPOSAL)
  6. Included in this pack is the #1 best template that every professional house cleaning entrepreneur needs to have on file so that you have access to every detail of each client to offer the best customer service you can. (Customer Profile Worksheets)
  7. You’ll get an awesome pricing template so that you’ll feel confident about your hourly house cleaning rate.  BONUS (SIMPLE PRICING FORMULA)
  8. Included is a professional house cleaning checklist.  It’s necessary so that you don’t clean a home according to random forms found online. (Cleaning checklist)
  9. A list of basic house cleaning supplies used by the pros! Included on the template is a supportive link so that you can purchase with ease. (Cleaning supplies list)
  10. A simple time-blocked daily schedule so that you stay on time between customers (Time blocked daily schedule)
  11. Also included in the bundle is a house cleaning receipt so that you keep good records for your business. Use after one-time cleanings. 
  12. And you get a house cleaning invoice so that you keep a good record of income.  Give to each customer for recurring services when necessary.
  13. And you’ll get a simple budget so that you keep track of your new business’ income and expenses. BONUS (INCOME/EXPENSE TRACKER)

You won’t have to commit to a membership to get access. And, there’s no need to cancel a “free trial” later. Get your INSTANT DOWNLOAD business forms TODAY! 

Establish trust with your customers and grow your house cleaning business with simplicity and easy to use forms!

Never again use general business forms found in social media groups and risk looking like an amateur. Show up with professional, customized, house cleaning service business forms!

computer, laptop, tablet, and phone showing cleaning service digital product

Exclusively customized for house cleaners! No membership is required! No commitment, print-and-go professional house cleaning business forms!

Total value of $150! You save $126! 

limited time only 24

Not ready for this offer? You don’t have to leave empty-handed. Grab one of the forms for FREE.

*Digital products such as these templates are created to help the purchaser (cleaning service business owner) with their cleaning business.  THEY ARE NOT TO BE RESOLD.  Please refer to my privacy policy.



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