How to Sell Your Professional Cleaning Services

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When it comes to selling professional cleaning services, my advice to you and what most customers are looking for is if you are their BEST option for solving their GREATEST concern.


Sounds simple, right?  It is.


Simple, but not easy.



You don’t have to sell customers on what you do, or who you are. For the most part, they know who you are before you show up to the initial meeting.


You see, they already know if you provide “green” cleaning, steam cleaning, or traditional cleaning services.


They know just about the type of cleaning that you do because more than likely, they’ve already researched you and your business in a variety of ways. Searched you on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, or Googled for reviews.


Or, if you came highly recommended by a trusted friend, neighbor or colleague, they’ve already developed a willingness to trust you.  (They called you, didn’t they?) 😉



Your prospective customer wants to know if you can give them what they’re expecting. Your job is to sell just that… what they expect.


They expect a transformation. 


They expect something different than what they’re currently getting. Either they are getting bad house cleaning services right now, or none at all. Regardless, they have a need that is not being met.


How to sell your professional cleaning services


Sell The Transformation!

Yeah, it’s really just that simple. Again, simple, not easy.



You may ask, “just how am I supposed to do that?”  “How do I sell a transformation?”  “What do I ask?”  “How will I know that I’m on the right track with what I’m asking/ saying?”


Honestly, it takes practice! As a 27-year professional cleaning service business owner, it took time to learn what to say in any given scenario, so give yourself grace.


Since all customers are not the same, then their expectations for house cleaning services won’t be the same either.


What matters to a young bachelor having condo cleaning services will be different than that of two empty nesters needing occasional spring or deep house cleaning services.



In relation to office cleaning, one commercial site may require shiny waxed VCT tiled floors as a part of their comprehensive cleaning package. Whereas another office may want to keep their carpet fresh and clean at all times.


Certainly, all cleaning locations, homes and offices, want a good professional cleaning maintenance plan at work all the time, however, some may have a particular concern over anything else. Find that out.


It’s also good to mention any current circumstances such as the need to provide seasonal deep cleaning services or serious sanitizing services during winter or cold seasons.


Cleaning windows with a squeegee. Home and office cleaning services.


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Here are a couple of things to stay focused on in order to provide transformation to any customer.

  1. Connect with them.
  2. Be understanding of their felt needs.
  3. Stay focused on what matters most to them.


Maybe it’s to highlight that you’re a new mom and understand the concerns of a growing family with an infant in the home. And, well, that customer wants someone she can trust and rely on and won’t use harsh chemicals because a newborn is present.


Maybe you’re a dad who just wants to make extra money on the side so cleaning at night works best for your schedule. That would be ideal to a commercial office manager who is fed up with former cleaning companies that don’t show up. It’s a great fit for both parties.


You could let your new residential customers know that you are familiar with certain surfaces in their home and you can get the job done right. Or, it could be that as a janitor for commercial sites, you have before and after pictures showcasing your stripping and waxing floor skills.


Whatever and however the conversation goes, your point again – be the BEST option for their GREATEST concern.  


Take this information and APPLY IT TODAY.


TAKEAWAY: Prepare yourself now for that next call you get from a prospective customer. Have a website with testimonials from current or past customers.  Include snippets from outside sources with ratings for your services. Collect before and after pictures of your work or include it on your social media channels. Do all you can to show your cleaning skills, your company’s reputation, and your personality. Oh, and there is nothing wrong with practicing to sell on a trusted friend who can give you honest feedback. 



Learning how to sell your professional cleaning services is simple, but it isn’t easy. Listening to the customer is so important to find out their felt needs. Sell the transformation. Once you connect, understand and focus on their greatest concerns, bring reassurance that you are their best option. And, although your company had probably been vetted by your prospect, bring your A-game and have a packet of material showcasing your work, testimonials, and reviews from other customers.



“Approach Each Customer With The Idea Of Helping Him Or Her To Solve A Problem Or Achieve A Goal, Not Of Selling A Product Or Service.” – Brian Tracy



Until next time,

Happy cleaning


I grew my office cleaning side hustle into a ½ million-dollar corporation with the partnership of my husband and our amazing staff. In 2020, I retired my service-based business to shift my focus and passion from serving cleaning clientele to serving cleaning business owners.


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