Professional Deep Cleaning Checklist for Homes and Offices

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When making plans to perform detail cleaning tasks with your professional cleaning service it’s always good to be mindful of the current calendar season.  It makes a difference in terms of what’s practical to offer to your customers right now or what should wait.  Creating a deep cleaning checklist takes time and intentionality.  So that you don’t have to brainstorm too much, here are a few suggestions to help you generate customized professional deep cleaning checklists.


It’s always practical and great business to offer additional cleaning services to your customers.  That’s what deep or detail cleaning is all about. 


It’s those tasks that aren’t cared for during routine cleanings.  But those cleaning concerns should be addressed sporadically anyway.


Deep or detail cleaning are tasks that you tackle monthly, every 6 weeks, quarterly, twice a year, or annually.  It’s not a part of your basic cleaning package.  (Although, it would make sense to perform the cleaning on the days of your routine (basic) cleaning.)  And deep or detail cleaning can literally be anything connected to the home or office that your service.


Detail cleaning for your customers benefits your business and your customers too!  You make additional income.  They get a more comprehensive cleaning to their space.


It’s just that simple!


And, it doesn’t matter if you’re an office cleaner or if you provide cleaning services to homes.  Deep cleaning tasks can be performed for both service types.


The key is creating a professional deep cleaning checklist for every home and/or for every office.  Knowing when to clean what, is something that only time will show you.  So, you’ll have to get to know your customers first and the pulse of their space. 


Also, this could take several weeks – months even.  And, well, that’s ok.  Because when you sign up a new customer, you’ll want them to retain your services for several years anyway, right?  Okay.


The truth of the matter is that you have to become familiar with your customers’ needs, wants, and, whatever else they’re willing to pay extra for….. because they really “need” that too.


If you sign up for the challenge below, we will walk you through 3 steps to help make this process easier… for free!  PLUS, we give you a simple pricing formula to help you in terms of pricing all those extra deep cleaning tasks you’ll be cleaning.


Below are a few suggestions to help you get started.  They’re just a few, but the best way to do this is to be super observant of your customers and began creating your own professional deep cleaning checklist.

Seasonal items to add to a professional deep cleaning checklist

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Summertime deep cleaning tips and ideas

  1. Sweeping and hosing down porches or walkways
  2. Cleaning lawn furniture
  3. Cleaning large appliances like refrigerator, oven, dishwasher

Winter deep cleaning ideas

  1. Sweeping fireplace debris
  2. Removing holiday décor
  3. Polishing silverware

Springtime deep cleaning checklist

  1. Cleaning window décor. (Blinds and curtains.)
  2. Cleaning windows inside and outside
  3. Cleaning garages for residential customers.

Professional fall cleaning checklist ideas

  1. Cleaning carpet 
  2. Cleaning heating and cooling vent covers
  3. Cleaning and organizing inside cabinets, vanities, and drawers in kitchens and bathrooms


Truthfully, in some geographic areas, all tasks can be performed anytime of the year.  What’s really important is for you, the professional house cleaner or professional office cleaner, to create a customized professional cleaning checklist for each of your customers.

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