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Price House Cleaning

How to stop being confused with how to charge.

How to no longer quote cheap prices just to get the job.

How to stop asking others and price right for your cleaning business.

Even better, how to get paid your worth with every house cleaning job?

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Here’s what you get inside this program…

  • Pros and cons on the different methods of charging so that you’re well informed to make your best decision. Secret revealed: all of the methods can work!
  • You’ll learn how to estimate cleaning by examining each room in the house because pricing starts by understanding your “clean time”.
  • You’ll learn a simple AND scalable formula to price every job, and, that’s just the start!
  • You’ll understand why you should add extra costs into your prices.  Hint: parking fees should be a part of your fee.
  • You’ll learn how to price for your service area. Why rely on someone outside of your service area when they don’t understand your demographics?
  • There are short descriptive videos to inspire and guide you along the way.
  • You’ll get real-life examples of what your prices should look like. A break down for initial cleaning, routine cleaning and deep cleaning requests.
  • You’ll also get a DEEP DIVE lesson revealing YOUR REAL PROFIT MARGIN right now so that you know what your numbers really look like and how you can improve.
  • Email support just in case you get stuck.
  • Most importantly, you’ll walk away knowing EXACTLY how much you should charge to clean a house!  No more guessing!
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There's no shame in not knowing how to price house cleaning.  It's not your fault.  After all, who went to school for 'pricing house cleaning 101'? 

BUT, you have the power to change things up... TODAY!

Course creator and professional cleaning business owner for over 27 years

S Freeman

Hi, I'm Stacey

I’ve learned first-hand how creating my very own cleaning business pricing system has played a role in my business’ success. It has allowed me to experience the freedom to travel and life flexibility with my family and friends. But most importantly it has given me a scalable, profitable cleaning business.

It wasn't always this way. When my husband - business partner and I purchased our 75-clientele house cleaning business we discovered that our new customers' prices were TOO LOW. And that wasn't going to work for us at all. So we not only had to increase our rates but we also had to CREATE A PRICING FORMULA especially for the new customers coming in. It took time, energy, focus... and about 6 -9 months! But, we did it. We learned how to price any sized house cleaning job no matter the tasks and improve our methods over time.

I’m here to help you LEARN HOW TO PRICE HOUSE CLEANING without spending too much time and energy. Click to enroll today and get INSTANT ACCESS!

What some of our REAL customers have said...

"Flexibility, general quality of work, trustworthiness is what I like in this cleaning service."
Customers of 17 years, Bonnie and Randy.
"Our contact had great things to say about Stacey and Elbert, all of which proved to be true."  
 Customers of 19 years, Scott and Karen
"In a lot of ways you are an extension of my own family. We have been working together for 18 years.  Most marriages don't last that long!  I can always depend on you and hope to continue working together for years to come." 
Julie and Tim
"You are trusted, reliable, consistent, and personable!  You understand that your work is your reputation.  I have referred your name several times!"
Customer of 17 years, Sharon L.
"The convenience that comes with not having to clean my own house is invaluable.  This is truly the one thing that I will never stop."
Customers of 13 years, Rhea and Jeff
"My friend enthusiastically recommended your business. She was right! Your service has always done a thoroughly thorough job. You're a friendly and responsible cleaning service."
Customer of 14 years, Mark W.
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⇒  Customer Profile Worksheets which are necessary for collecting real information about each new client. They’re useful when estimating clean time in order to price correctly and identifying additional cleaning tasks making it easy to give upsell offers.

⇒  Links to a variety of sites that will help you to price in your local area so that you’re not led astray by trying to charge based on a different demographic.

⇒  A basic house cleaning checklist. A useful cheat sheet when providing routine cleanings – the ultimate service offer you’ll want to price right.

⇒  List of recommended cleaning products that every residential cleaner should have AND what they’re used for. Cleaning products are the most frequent recurring overhead cost and you’ll want to do your best with pricing for it.

⇒  10 common deep cleaning tasks with tutorials, product list, and some with videos.  SUCH A REAL VALUE!!!

⇒  A house cleaning price template. When you finish this course, you will have a scalable house cleaning price list useful to price any cleaning job.

⇒ A house cleaning business budget.  Useful to keep your finances in order.

⇒ Host of links to websites to further help with pricing correctly.

This course is perfect for house cleaning side hustlers, solopreneurs, and small house cleaning business owners looking for pricing solutions by developing their own!

This online mini course has 3 robust but digestible modules hosted a platform which allows you 24/7 lifetime access

That’s right!  You can learn to price house cleaning wherever, whenever, and however you want across all devices – smart phones, tablets, and computers.

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Don’t lose any more time, energy, and money hoping to figure out how much you should charge for house cleaning.

Stop the overwhelm trying to figure out why you’re not making enough for what you’re providing.

Never again be unprepared to price the next house cleaning job.

DISCOVER what you're WORTH!

I don't throw numbers at you in this course. I help you create your own.

• You'll get the fastest results to create your unique pricing guide. You won’t have to waste weeks or months learning how to charge for house cleaning.

• You will get expert advice and recommendations as you develop your prices. Extra support and guidance are only a click away if ever you get stuck and need just a little more clarity as you journey through this self-paced course.

• This online course will give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve created the best pricing system just for you by the time you complete the course! And best of all, you'll know your EXACT profit margin.


Is this a class I need to attend?

No. This is an online program that you can take anytime.  Once you’ve enrolled, the program is all yours including any future updates.


Will I really learn how much I SHOULD CHARGE to price house cleaning?

Yes you will!  If you complete the course with all of the assignments, you will understand your pricing rates and you’ll understand why you need to charge as much as you will.


When you say lifetime access, what does that really mean?

Lifetime access simply means, the life of the course.  The only time you won’t have access is if the course terminates.  That won’t be anytime soon.


What if I get stuck or confused?  Numbers aren’t really my thing.  

No worries.  There’s email support every step of the way.  While I can’t quote you exact prices for your situation, I will help you as best as I can to estimate cleaning.  This course is designed to help you create your very own price list.


How fast can I complete the course?  

If you’re eager, you can complete it in one day!  All of the assignments are ready and accessible.


Is this course advanced?  I just started my house cleaning business.

No.  This course is for those just starting their business.  OR, for those who simply aren’t sure of their prices.


I clean offices and post construction.  Can I take this course to help me price those type of cleanings?

I’m afraid not.  This course is exclusively designed for house cleaning professionals.

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This is your opportunity to learn how to charge and what to charge for with your house cleaning business.

I invite you to enroll in this easy, step by step online mini course TODAY.

Click the button below to get started.

Questions or concerns:  Email Stacey at

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