2 Ways To Make Extra Money, In The Summer, With Your Professional Maid Service

2 ways to make extra money in the summer with your professional maid service. blue gloved hand wiping door with a pad.
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Summer months can be rough for professional residential house cleaning services. When your customers change their house cleaning schedule, this can affect your bottom line. Simply put, if for whatever reason you can’t work – you don’t get paid. Here are 2 ways to make extra money, in the summer, with your Professional Maid Service.


The summer season is wonderful for so many reasons; holidays, vacationing, visiting family and friends. All the good stuff that life should offer everyone. And, of course, your residential customers are no exception. In fact, the summer months are when they travel and/or request the most changes to their cleaning schedule.


When these lackadaisical days are upon house cleaners, some professionals get hurt by the missed streams of income. And, if house cleaning is your only source of income it, it can be brutal!
There are some cleaning providers that have an agreement with their customers to still collect payments even while the customer travels. That’s fantastic! But for most maid service companies, this is not the case.


Customers who cancel cleaning services due to traveling, is not the only reason there is a summer slump for residential maid services. Here are a few more reasons your customers change their cleaning schedule and why you’ll want to still make money in the summer months.

Reasons to make extra money with a special summer cleaning schedule

  • The #1 reason this “summer slump” or loss of income is because of vacationing families.

  • Another reason is a reduced cleaning frequency to accommodate a customer’s budget.

  • And lastly, customers who move out of the cleaning service area altogether.


There’s nothing you can do about the requested changes. Or, when customers move from your cleaning service area. But, you can create other ways to make additional income this summer with your house cleaning service.


Don’t be discouraged. This missed income during this time of year, can be recouped in many, yes, many other ways even if you’re just starting your professional maid service.

Here are 2 ways to make extra money in the summer, with you professional maid service.

First, explore extra cleaning opportunities for the customers whose schedule has remained consistent.


Since these customers are on their regular routine, ask them if they would like additional services. After all, you have the time.  Use that time in their home.


It shouldn’t be too hard to identify tasks that you could easily perform. Even simple things like washing out all the trash baskets or offering to clean windows. You could do a combo cleaning deal by performing a refrigerator cleanout along with oven cleaning adding a discount. And don’t rule out big ticket items like carpet cleaning and hard surface floor scrubbing.


In fact, this may be a fantastic time to enter the RESIDENTIAL DEEP CLEANING CHALLENGE!  This professional house cleaning challenge gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue and encourage positive customer experiences!



Consider things from this point of view. Your customers want you at their home because you are resolving a problem they have. So why not offer to solve their issue to a greater depth.

Secondly, explore a different clientele. Check out your local Air BNB’s.


Essentially, you will still be cleaning homes. Just from a different perspective. You can also scale this back once your regular customers get back to their scheduled cleaning appointments.


Cleaning for Air BNB’s is a way to make money fast with your house cleaning business. It can be a temporary fix to the summer slump. Or, if you like, you can incorporate cleaning Air BNBs as an additional service with your company.


There are a couple of benefits for providing this extra cleaning.

  • It exposes you to new types of services you can provide with your professional cleaning business.

  • And, it will remedy the missed income in the summer months.


Honestly, you have nothing to lose! It is a Win-Win for everyone. I must also add that incorporating these strategies were methods that kept us in business for over 27 years! Check out some of our professional cleaning customers right here.



Pricing for cleaning an Air BNB is like charging for professional house cleaning services.  So keep that in mind when pricing this new type of clientele.



Don’t feel discouraged about losing income due to the summer slump. Some of your customers will vacation, or may change their cleaning frequency, or they may even move out of your cleaning service area. You can always replace that income by providing additional cleaning for your recurring customers and/or cleaning Air BNBs. These are 2 ways to make extra money, in the summer, with your Professional Maid Service.



“Be passionate about your life. Learn to live without the fear of failing. Take a chance, you just might surprise yourself.” ~ Nishan Panwar



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