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printables, computer mockup and spiral workbook

Learn how to start and grow a professional house and office cleaning service business right now… with step by step guidance, downloadable templates, and continued support.

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Ready to stop working for someone else? 

Take the leap of faith and finally start your own cleaning service business TODAY.

This system includes…

A 10-step, 20 page digital downloadable workbook so that you’ll have an on-demand quick start guide that also puts you on the fastest path to grow a new cleaning service business. (Valued at $100)

30 + supplemental supportive links so that you’ll learn exactly where to go to get more in-depth information, guidance, and resources just for new start-ups. (Valued at $40)

10 downloadable templates and business forms so that your leap of faith into entrepreneurship is easier. You won’t have to scour the internet for business forms.  (Valued at  $110)


Added bonuses you won’t find anywhere else.

BONUS: Continued email support with FREE weekly cleaning business tips EXCLUSIVE for start-ups.

BONUS: FREE lifetime updates to the entire system just in case you need extra time to get started.

I just registered my business as an LLC and you made it so simple for me right from the start. Plus the free resources you provide are so helpful! Keep up the amazing job, and I always look forward to your emails. They always make my day. Thank you for taking the time to send them out each week. You are amazing!

Yesenia Moquete
printables, computer mockup, and spiral notebook

Learn how to start and grow a professional house and office cleaning service business right now… with step by step guidance, downloadable templates, and continued support.

I just want to say thank you so much. I'm completely new to all of this, so my knowledge about it all is limited. Thank you for wanting to help people like me because my financial resources are limited. So many things are expensive but now a book, especially a good one is almost always worth it. Have a blessed day!

Teresa Moberly

Don't hold yourself back from starting your cleaning business because you don’t know what to do. This system is your roadmap, guiding you through a simple 10-step formula including additional supportive links for licensing, marketing, and locating preferred customers!

You can stop searching online and in social media groups for printables and templates. Insider secret: You don’t need them all when starting out!

The forms you do need to start off right are included with this offer.

You won’t have to do this alone. Getting off-track while starting a new cleaning service business is so easy and has caused many entrepreneurs to give up. Along with your purchase today, you will receive FREE weekly insider tips exclusively for new start-ups.

Learn from someone who knows...

Creator of A Janitor's Story®.  I designed this system with you in mind. I too searched all over and delayed getting started because I just didn't know the exact order to follow, who I could trust, and everything I needed. But once I started my cleaning side hustle, I never looked back!

Many years later, with the partnership of my husband and our amazing staff, my business grew to mid-six figures and fulfilled my wildest dreams of travel and raising 3 boys. 

Now, 27 years STRONG, I've retired, and I help aspiring entrepreneurs to START and GROW their house and office cleaning service businesses to achieve their big dreams.  I’d like to help you do the same.


REAL CUSTOMERS served over the past 27 years!

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Step 2 start a cleaning biz
Step 5, start a cleaning biz
Step 9 start a cleaning biz

Cleaning supplies list for house cleaning

Simple pricing formula for house cleaning

Customer profile worksheets for house cleaning

Cleaning supplies list for office cleaning

Simple pricing formula for office cleaning

Customer profile worksheets for office cleaning

Phone questionnaire regarding Covid-19 concerns

Covid-19 cleaning procedures and precautions

Leads | customer tracker

Marketing plan

I have been using the tools and information that you have provided for my cleaning business that I started in January.  I have found it all useful, ... Thank you and I appreciate all the information that you provide and wonderful words of encouragement during this time!

Nicole Mitchell

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You can finally start your cleaning service business TODAY with a proven step by step system, the business print-and-go templates you’ll need, additional supplemental information for start-ups, and continued support from an industry leader with 27 years’ experience!

What if by this time next year you will already have a thriving cleaning service business you love and not still waiting for the right moment.

Just imagine…

Professional cleaning services is a 50 + billion dollar “essential business” industry (U.S. 2019 stats). House and commercial office cleaning services are in HIGH DEMAND.

Here’s help to start your business TODAY!

printables, computer mockup, spiral notebook

What’s the shipping process?

That’s the awesome part!  You’ll receive your entire system INSTANTLY!  The 20-page digital PDF download, the 30 + links to all the supplemental support, and the templates | printables are included.

As soon as you hit the BUY NOW button and complete the payment process, your purchase is automatically sent to the email address you used for payment.

Do I need a home computer since this is a digital product?

No.  You can access this digital product from any device that receives downloadable material. You can also print all of the material including the print-and-go templates. (TEMPLATES | PRINTABLES MAY NOT BE RESOLD.)

How do I get the additional bonuses of free weekly cleaning business tips and free updates?

Once you purchase this product, you are automatically subscribed to my weekly newsletter. (Unsubscribe at anytime – no obligation.) You will then receive FREE weekly cleaning business tips with insider secrets and inspiration. 

When updates become available, they will be sent automatically to the email used when you purchased.

What if I don’t like this system.  Is there a refund policy? 

No, there are NO REFUNDS.  Since you will have immediate access to this entire system once the payment process is complete, there’s nothing to return FOR A REFUNDALL SALES ARE FINAL

This sales page explains each step in the 10 step formula and the exact additional templates you will receive.

If you have any questions, email me at stacey@ajanitorsstory.com before purchase.

I want you to be completely satisfied with this offer just like you want your customers completely satisfied with your cleaning services.  So please inquire prior to purchase.

I’ve already started my cleaning business.  Can I buy the downloadable templates separately?

This system is a package deal.  No parts, including the downloadable templates are sold separately at this time.

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Learn how to start and grow a professional house and office cleaning service business right now… with step by step guidance, downloadable templates, and continued support.

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