How to Start a


from scratch

with Little or No Money


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A simple to follow, step-by-step guide to cleaning houses and offices on the side before starting to clean full time


Constant focused direction to keep your goals top of mind while you journey to create your own profitable, professional cleaning business.

Practical advice regarding research, house cleaning v/s office cleaning, and why choosing the right name for your new company is a HUGE DEAL.

The best and effective marketing strategies that not only get you ideal cleaning customers, but their neighbors and friends too by implementing the best referral system in town!

Links to articles to show you how to charge by the hour for house cleaning and office cleaning.  Again, HUGE DEAL.


A Simple Pricing Formula to help you charge the right amount for cleaning (Value of $7)

Customer Profile Worksheets for homes and offices (Value of $7 each)

Cleaning checklists for homes and offices (Value of $5 each)

A full list of 21 traditional house and office cleaning products used by the pros (Value of $5)


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Get this proven blueprint and stop all confusion as to what comes next when trying to start your own professional cleaning service business. You can focus on one step at a time and eliminate the overwhelming notion that everything has to be done right away. This simply isn't true! If you've been curious as to how to start a cleaning service business from scratch, with little or no money, with no insurance, or with no experience, then this easy to follow PDF workbook is for you! You no longer need to procrastinate - GET STARTED TODAY!

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How we applied this simple method!

You see, I left home at an early age and while I had an office management position, it wasn’t secure. If THEE only physician retired, I would have been out of a job. And, I didn’t want MY future to depend on someone else’s decision. I didn’t go to college, and I had no other skills but what had been my responsibility when I lived with my parents – cleaning. So, I decided to clean on the side and see how far I could take it. It seemed an easy task-based side hustle that I could learn and scale to make REAL money while keep my day job. I was even able to use the office I worked at as practice with chemicals, equipment, and time tracking for pricing jobs correctly. Then I went grassroots… I took those skills I practiced with every week and with my boss’s permission, I reached out to all his colleagues. With the right approach, I obtained all of the contracts I reached out to. It took some time, tenacity, patience, hard work, and ground work. But it WORKED! GRIT BABY! These same stepping stones are laid right in front of you. Are you ready to take the first step? With a goal in mind to have my own professional cleaning business, I transitioned out of that job and I’ve never had another boss since. In fact, I became debt free, met and then married my husband. And when he was fired from his job, he partnered with me, we traveled the world, had 3 beautiful boys. Now 25 years later we are retiring from the biz as we aspire to help others create their own paths. Are you really ready to see if your probabilities are possibilities! Let us help you get started TODAY!


Why would I want to start a cleaning side hustle before I start cleaning professionally?

This workbook tells you why cleaning on the side gives you experience and allows you to practice before you spend money on actual start-up costs.  Cleaning is hard work and it is not for everyone, so you get the chance to experiment before committing.

What if I have no experience and no money, but I want to start my own cleaning business?

Not a problem!  With each step you are encouraged to keep your goals in front of you and always top of mind.  YOUR GOALS keep you accountable since this is what you say you really want. Also, this formula of starting your own house and office cleaning company encourages you to practice cleaning before you truly get started.  The practice is your experience!  And as far as having no money, you’ll learn how to ‘use what you got until you get what you want’.  You’ll learn the smart way to reinvest in your business.

Do I need a business license and insurance to start a cleaning business?

You might need a license in most cities or counties or townships.  And, in some locations you may need liability insurance.  But having a business license and insurance is not always necessary in the very beginning.  This step-by-step guide encourages you to research your governing laws regarding business and adhere to them at the most logical phase in your journey.   Again, we will give you the most practical step by step instructions to start your very own professional house and office cleaning service business!

What If I’m already cleaning part time as a side hustle?  Can this workbook help me to get more customers?

YES it can!  First, CONGRATULATIONS on your side hustle.  You can increase your clientele by implementing the outlined marketing strategies and incorporating the suggested referral program.  PLUS, you could truly benefit by diving into the BONUS OFFER of deep cleaning for your current customers.  You’ve got  a WIN-WIN with this workbook. 

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