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Spring clean bedrooms. Beautifl beige and light blue pillows and comforter in a modern bedroom.
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When considering professional spring cleaning, learning how to spring clean bedrooms may be at the bottom of your list.  However as a professional cleaning service provider, deep cleaning the bedroom is just as important as deep cleaning bathrooms and deep cleaning kitchens.  Here’s a step by step approach to use to give a thorough cleaning to your residential customers’ bedrooms.


Let’s consider this, the bedroom should be your customer’s private sanctuary. It’s their “home” within their home. The space where they can regain peace and rest for themselves.


Their bedroom should be the place intended to bring calm and relaxation.


But this is not the norm in a lot of homes regardless if there are other family members present or not.


The bedroom can easily become a haven of piles of clothes, extra furniture, stacks of books, and unfinished projects of all sorts. And, not just clutter on the floor, but on the dresser, the night stands, and the infamous chair that seems to have a position in every bedroom.


At least the ones I’ve seen.


But, yes, even the chair that was put there to sit on while you dress, now has become yet another place to put more stuff.

Needless to say, bedrooms can definitely use a good spring cleaning.


There was an occasion that Elbert and I had to price a house cleaning, by the way, I would highly recommend you grab a copy of the house cleaning customer profile worksheet.


It’s a free printable sent right to your inbox. The worksheet is designed to keep track of the details of your customers’ home.  It can teach you how to create additional revenue WHILE providing COMPLETE customer care.


Don’t forget, grab your free printable of the customer profile worksheet right here.


So sorry, I just wanted to make sure that you were equipped with useful information that can help you down the road.


Anyways, when we had to give a price for a new customer, it was a bit challenging. On the initial walk-through we observed that most of the house was in terrific shape and all she needed was basic cleaning maintenance. But when we got to her bedroom, it was, well, very interesting.


There were piles of clothes. Neatly stacked I might add. Stacks of school papers, (she had a family). Large picture frames and small decorative buckets underneath the bed.


The dresser was covered, umm, I really can’t remember with what exactly, but-just-stuff. There was an ironing board and, yeah, an iron. And, you guessed it – the INFAMOUS CHAIR. Theirs was actually a love seat. But still, everything was full of stuff.


It was ironic because her kids’ bedrooms were immaculate. Yes, that’s right immaculate! Every toy in its place. All of the books were in the appropriate places. The beds were made Pinterest Perfect.  Even their area rugs were aligned properly with the lines in the wood floor. 


Buuut, when it came to hers, she just couldn’t figure out how to manage the cleanliness. She knew what she needed to do, she just didn’t know how to spring clean the bedroom. 


… and there we were to help her.


But before we could schedule her bedroom to be detail cleaned along with the rest of her house cleaning, we had to get some information.

First, find out your customer’s expectations in detail of what they want deep cleaned in their bedrooms.

I asked her what her plans were for her bedroom. She explained about how she wanted to regain her sanity and declutter her room. 


It was her mission to, have-everything-in-its-place. She said that she would handle the decluttering before we began the deep cleaning.  (I give further explanation of allowing your customer to declutter themselves in this post how to charge for house cleaning).


Her reason for showing her bedroom to us was to provide very specific cleaning tasks once she removed the clutter and items that didn’t belong there. She really wanted her bedroom to have a deep cleaning first before we began her cleaning maintenance.

Secondly, create a list of items to spring clean in the bedrooms. You can follow a simple list such as this.

Remember, each customer is different, and you’ll want to cater to their specific cleaning desires.  This list can also serve as a “how to” deep clean bedrooms.  Just follow alone in order. 


1. Arrange anything that needs to be removed from the home to be professionally cleaned ahead of time. Items such as window treatments or area rugs can be removed and serviced elsewhere. You can contact local service companies through AngiesList or Homeadvisor.  Find reputable service companies that can handle matters such as these.

2. Remove all bed linen and wash them.

3. Start from top to bottom. Ceiling fans and light fixtures. Dust or damp wipe crown molding and alcoves.

4. Start with the windows and any exterior sliding glass doors.

5. Dust and damp wipe wall décor.

6. Vacuum mattresses. Flip and turn if possible. (Haha, can you tell I’m old school. You can’t do that with most modern mattresses).

7. Move the bed and dust, damp wipe, vacuum, clean completely all around including head and foot boards.

8. Dust, vacuum, and damp wipe all furniture. Dressers, tables, lamps… and that chair, lol. Get everything.

9. If there is wall to wall carpet, OR, tile on the floor, arrange to have that cleaned as well. Preferably on the same day that you are providing the “spring” cleaning.

10. Replace all items as you can.

Lastly, once you have created the bedroom cleaning checklist, discuss pricing, scheduling, extra staff if needed, and additional supplies and contractors.

Make sure you are ready for spring or deep cleaning bedrooms.


So, there you have it in a nutshell. Not too all-consuming. Oh, by the way, as far as supplies go, I can recommend The Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree Store offers basic household cleaning items that will be just fine to give a thorough cleaning to bedrooms. This is not to suggest that the necessity for professional grade products to scrub floors and carpet cleaning isn’t important.  I am only suggesting somethings.


You can purchase simple cleaning products and supplies like buckets, towels, paper towels, soap, brooms and dust pans, trash bags, and a variety of brushes. Check them out!



In conclusion, it is not very difficult to learn how to spring clean bedrooms. It isn’t as tasking like the other rooms in the house.  Just take your time. Plan, communicate your plan, and execute. You can do this!



“Freedom lies in being bold.” Robert Frost


Until next time,

Happy cleaning!



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