How to Professionally Deep Scrub Tiled Floors

How to deep scrub tiled floors. shiny beige ceramic tiled floors
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Ugly tiled floors can make any home or office look and feel bad.  Don’t let your customers suffer!  Here’s how to professionally deep scrub tiled floors for your house and office cleaning customers.


I don’t want to bore you with yet one.more.dang.tutorial about floor cleaning.  So, we’ll keep this simple and to the point.  Cool?


Materials you’ll need…

  1. Rotary floor scrubber and appropriate plate attachment
  2. Appropriate floor scrub pad or brush
  3. Wet/ dry vacuum
  4. 2-3 mop buckets on wheels with down press (wringer)
  5. 2-3 mop sticks with blended mop heads
  6. 1 rayon mop (used if you’re applying a sealer or wax)
  7. Vinegar (helps to balance the PH levels after cleaning. Use a little in your final rinse water)
  8. Fans or air movers
  9. 2-3 small buckets
  10. 2 floor scrapers
  11. Shoe sole covers (seen in video)
  12. Gloves
  13. Towels for cleaning and covering walk off areas
  14. 2-3 extension cords
  15. Vacuum, dust mop, and/ or broom and dust pan 
  16. Floor sealer and/or floor finish (Depends on the manufacturer)
  17. Good music or a great audiobook! (I had to add this)

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This is how to professionally deep scrub tiled floors

Before I list the following step by step instructions to clean floor tiles, I must first say, ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S SUGGESTED CLEANING MAINTENANCE GUIDELINES. 

If your BMW stopped running, you wouldn’t take it to a Ford dealership.  Same rules apply.  Follow the instructions of the maker.  Okay.

In other circumstances, follow these instructions

  1. Get all of the material and anything else you think you might need. Copy this list and check it off.
  2. At the job site remove dry debris with your choice of vacuum, broom and dust pan or dust mop. Which ever your prefer.
  3. Put on all protective gear, gloves, shoe sole covers, and anything else you may need.
  4. Protect the surroundings like walk-off areas and carpeted rooms.
  5. Mix floor stripper according to the manufacturer.
  6. Apply mixture to the floor and use the rotary machine accordingly.
  7. Once you’ve used the machine, but the floor is still wet, scrape anything remaining.
  8. At this time, scrub the base boards and any hard to reach places
  9. Use wet vac to extract solution, quickly!
  10. Rinse the floors and base boards with loose cool water.  Empty bucket.  Rinse again with a little vinegar in the mop water.
  11. Dry all floors with air mover or fans.
  12. Apply sealer and/or floor finish according to the manufacturer. Use fans to dry between coats.


Bam!  That’s it.


Over time, you’ll become better with technique – which happens the more you strip and wax or deep scrub floor tile. 

How to professionally deep scrub floor tile

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How to Professionally Deep Scrub Tiled Floors

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