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Have you ever asked yourself what the secret was to keeping customers happy?  What about the real definition of customer satisfaction? Or, rather, how to continue customer satisfaction to keep customers coming back?


In the 27 years we’ve owned and operated our professional maid and janitorial service, we questioned ourselves all the time at the beginning. Then suddenly we realized that there was no one size fits all answer to keeping customers happy.


I started a professional cleaning service in the ’90s. (In the beginning, it was just me.  My husband joined as a partner about 7 years later). In the beginning, I thought that how I cleaned one place was how I should clean everywhere else.


I was wrong.


That was a great approach to establishing a cleaning system, but it should not have been considered a method to satisfying customers.


I wasn’t considering each customer’s unique needs. After all, caring for their individual needs was why I was there in the first place.


I had to realize that customers were people. People who had individual needs and requested me to fulfill them.


They each had their own personal problems and wanted me to solve them.


Well, I had to quickly come up with a solution.  Since my company was growing rapidly, I had to come up with something to keep track of each customer’s requests.



I created this template to jot down everything I could think of for each home or everything I could clean in each office.


Although I was only 20 when I started my cleaning service, I had to ask myself, “what makes people happy?”  Eventually the answer was: People are happy when they get exactly what they ask for.

Yep, happy customers are people who get exactly what they ask for.

Happy customers are people who are getting what they want. They are getting exactly what you agreed to provide. And, well, I’ll be even more honest.  They are happier when they get a little extra.


If you promised shiny tiled floors every week. Then they should have shiny tiled floors at every cleaning. If you said that you knew how to keep their copper kitchen sink tarnish free. Then do that.  And, remembering to clean the patio doors and tracks each and every time without reminder, is also important.


Keeping customers happy is doing what you agreed to do at every cleaning. 

One other way to keep your customers satisfied is to establish trust when you first meet.

Establishing trust takes time like in any other relationship.  And it is just as important in a business relationship.


A trusting relationship is created and then maintained by implementing a series of actions on both parts. Showing up and fulfilling your end of your cleaning agreement is your part essentially.  Timely payments are essentially theirs. Over time, things should always operate smoothly with mutual respect and continuous and effective communication.

Trust is the most essential of all components for any customer to have. Once trust is established it becomes your responsibility to maintain it.


For instance, if you or your staff can’t show up, contact your customer and inform them immediately. If someone from your cleaning crew breaks something, contact your customer asap. Changing their cleaning tech? Reach out and let your customer know.


Keeping your customers in the know about any and every little thing is definitely a factor of continued trust.  DO NOT think little of this.


So, what would a happy customer look like, you ask?

  • A happy customer is a person who is essentially getting what was promised to them and peppered with little bit extra.

  • It is a customer who is completely satisfied with your cleaning services and will prefer your business to anyone else’s, even if they pay you more money.

  • A happy customer will brag about you and your services. They refer you to their associates, friends, and family.

  • Happy customers completely trust you. And it shows.


That’s what a happy customer looks like. They look, or better yet, act like they’re content and satisfied with the house and office cleaning services you provide.


Like mentioned above, customers like getting what they want… quality house and office cleaning services.  If you want to provide more comprehensive cleaning services with your maid or janitorial service, fill out the form below to enter the FREE deep cleaning challenge.


The cleaning challenge gives you the opportunity to increase your income and improve your customer’s experience by providing additional detail cleaning tasks.



Customers that are pleased with your work will act like all of the above mentioned and some.   They act this way because they are getting what they want. They feel comfortable with you and your staff.  They feel that you have their best interest at heart.


They have no doubt about your abilities to perform your duties, your integrity, or your honesty.  They completely trust you. These are two ways you can keep your customers happy with your professional cleaning service.



“Sales is all about creating a meaningful relationship that can be the foundation of a lasting business relationship.” – Ralf VonSosen



Until next time,

Happy cleaning!



Don’t forget to download the appropriate sheets for your business for FREE!  They have been updated in all types of ways.  They are simple sheets to download and use during your initial walk through.  FOR HOUSE CLEANING AND FOR OFFICE CLEANING.  Or feel free to grab them both. We don’t mind.  We hope to see you again soon, and feel free to leave a comment here.



I grew my office cleaning side hustle into a ½ million-dollar corporation with the partnership of my husband and our amazing staff. In 2020, I retired my service-based business to shift my focus and passion from serving cleaning clientele to serving cleaning business owners.


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    1. Stacey Freeman says:

      Thank you so very much and you’re welcome for the worksheets!

  2. Eve Mitchell says:

    I love the tip about giving your customer a little bit of extra! My school just hired a new set of janitors. I will remember these tips for when I have to review their work.

    1. Stacey Freeman says:

      Thanks so much. I hope things will look great for your school. Be well.

  3. Very good information. I learnt a lot about cleaning services from your website. Thanks for sharing.

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