HOW TO FIND CUSTOMERS: Creating a System

Video Transcript

I’m Stacey from A Janitor’s Story and I’ve got another tip for finding the perfect customers for your cleaning business!

My first tip for you today is to solidify your big WHY for your business.  

Your big why is essentially your goals and it doesn’t matter if your goal is earning a certain dollar amount or gaining a certain amount of customers.

It doesn’t even matter if you simply want to create a life of freedom and every possibility that that brings.

Your goals, dreams, hopes, and everything you imagine what life can be is all yours.  No one else owns it. Only you!

And no one else can tell YOU what success looks like.  Only you!

The point to writing down every goal you want to achieve is to give yourself a target to hit.

Secondly, and along with your goals, I want you to write down a plan of action to achieve them. 

Your strategic plan should outline a path that highlights milestones which help keep you on track.

Because success isn’t simply stumbled upon.  And without a tactical, step-by-step approach it’s impossible to reach your goals.

Also, this plan of action doesn’t have to be perfect.  In fact, it should reveal flaws so that you can get back in alignment with your target.

Here’s an example of a goal and a strategic plan of action to achieve it.

Let’s say your goal is to be a 100% commercial cleaning business owner but your time is limited for advertising and performing the cleaning tasks.  And because you have a daily 9 to 5 job, you’ll have to target your market precisely.

Your strategy would then be to pursue large office buildings with multiple private offices inside using apps such as Home Advisor and Amazon Home Services.  Even the FREE listings like Angie’s list and Craig’s list may help.

Then once you’ve acquired one office as a customer, you can create a fantastic referral program and target the many other offices in the building.  

This marketing phase is also a test to see what strategies work for one customer but needs adjusting to reach another.

This is when analytics becomes your friend!

See, no 2 customers are alike and shouldn’t be approached as such.

So, give yourself time and grace to create transformational language to attract each customer type.  Because ultimately that’s what you’re selling.  You’re selling a transformation not cleaning services.

As soon as you’ve acquired more and more offices in that same building, hopefully you’ll earn enough income to quit your day job and pursue more office buildings.

In a nutshell, YOU’VE CREATED your very own unique cleaning business system by outlining a goal, implementing a strategy, analyzing your results, and progressing forward.

CONGRATULATIONS, it really is just that simple!

Creating and implementing your own client attraction system obliterates any confusion and brings clarity of what you’re doing and assurance of what all needs to be done.

So that’s it for now and I hope it helps.  I’m Stacey from A Janitor’s Story here to help you create your story.

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