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How to clean painted walls and doors. Picture of light switch and white closet door in background
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Looking for a quick way to make your customer’s homes and offices look even better after you clean? How about spot cleaning their walls and doors? It’s not hard.  In fact, here’s how to professionally spot clean painted walls and doors.

It is not always necessary to clean the entire wall when cleaning.  The homes and office buildings of your house or office cleaning customers can still look good.  You can create dramatic results just by removing stains, marks, and fingerprints off walls and doors.

Cleaning walls and doors especially near light switches, door knobs, and frames, can be considered a deep or detail cleaning.

Ok, so right here I need to say that every cleaning service is different – as pros, we all know this.  Some residential and commercial cleaning services incorporate a quick wipe to walls and doors in their routine cleaning.  Some do not. 

If your residential and commercial cleaning service does offer to spot clean walls, great!  Well, how about taking that a little deeper?

I’m saying to offer comprehensive cleaning such as removing marks, smudges, and prints from painted walls.  Don’t just stop at lightly wiping commonly touched areas, offer to clean other painted areas.

Wash painted areas like the step risers, the base boards, the entire door frame and window frames.  Take a look around each of your customer’s homes or offices and write down what you’re willing to clean extra.

Yes.  You’re right.  That would require more time.  (I knew exactly what you were thinking.)  Lol.  But, “extra” time is “extra” money.

Got that “extra” time = “extra” money.

The point to clarify is that if your professional cleaning service provides damp wiping near light switches and door knobs as a routine cleaning, then go a little deeper and offer more.

Remember what you just read… extra time = extra money.  Because you’re in business to do wha?  (That’s not a typo.)   Besides, it would make a world of difference to all your customers. 

We good?


How to Clean Painted Walls and Doors

Gather the following material….

  1. Magic eraser
  2. Towels
  3. Mild soap. Your choice.
  4. Degreaser that won’t remove paint. I have used Awesome in the past. (BE CAREFUL.)
  5. Water
  6. Bucket
Cleaning painted surfaces. picture of under step white drawers
Under steps storage drawers

Spot cleaning walls and doors instructions

  1. Mix water and mild soap in bucket.
  2. Use towel to wipe. (Microfiber, cotton, or terry cloth – doesn’t matter.) Whatever you like. 😉
  3. To remove mild stains, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser®. To remove grease stains from painted walls, use a degreaser applied to damp cloth and gently wipe the wall.  Then rinse your towels, wring tight and wipe the wall.
  4. As you’re moving throughout your customer’s home or office building, wipe any other areas as you see fit. Wipe mantels, wall corners, partitions, and railings near staircases and stairwells. 
  5. Also, take the time to examine the wall space of average shoulder height and hip. It is the area of wall that is commonly touched and full of germs.  Go ahead and clean that wall space too.

That’s it in a nutshell.  The thing to remember most, get consent from the customer FIRST before you go on this wall washing binge.  Why?  Because you should get paid extra for doing this extra work.

how to clean painted walls and doors. blue gloves hand wiping white painted step rising
painted step risers


Add this as a permanent upsell for your professional maid and janitorial cleaning business. 

Incorporating a deep cleaning program is the practical PROFESSIONAL CLEANING approach you have been looking for.

You didn’t start cleaning houses or office buildings to get by with the basics.  We’re sure, you want to offer your BEST, be your BEST, and get PAID YOUR BEST!

It’s free to join.  Simply complete the form below and we will send you a step by step tutorial of how the Deep Cleaning Challenge works. Or, click here to read more.


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  1. I liked what you said that one doesn’t need to clean the whole wall to make it look clean. My brother is tasked to clean the patio of the school he works for. I will help him look for a wall cleaning company, so he doesn’t have to do the work himself.

    1. says:

      Thank you Hazel! That’s awesome you’re helping your brother.

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