How to Clean and Organize the Bath Linen Closet and Vanity

clean ad organize bathroom linen closet and vanity
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Want to know a quick tip for professional residential cleaners to make extra money fast with their customers?  You can improve each customer’s experience and also make a few extra bucks by cleaning and organizing the bathroom linen closet and vanity.

So this is a no-brainer, right?  I’m just saying, you’re already responsible for cleaning the bathrooms with your house keeping business?   So, why not go the extra mile and offer to clean and organize the linen closet and vanity for your customers?

Why not?

I can’t say how long this extra cleaning will take you because, well, I’m not there with you.  But, you know.  Or, at least you can estimate the time it would take you to clean out the bathroom closet and then organize everything when you replace the items.

Once you do that, do a bit of math and multiply that estimated time with your hourly rate.


That could be your extra income with the same customer on their next cleaning.

Get where I’m going with this?

For just a few extra hours of your time, you could make more money from the same customer as well as encourage positive feedback from your residential cleaning customer!

I say ‘encourage positive feedback’ because cleaning out linen closets, bathroom drawers and shelves is one less thing your customers would have to do.  And since you’re already in business together, why not make the deal sweeter between the two of you and you offer this?


“Why should I do a deep cleaning to bathroom shelves and vanities?” you ask.

Because isn’t your main objective in business to make a money…. well.  Again, why not?

BUUUUT, ask first.  Seriously, have a conversation that leads to an agreement for 2 reasons.  1) Because you don’t want to clean for free – you need an agreement before you detail clean a bathroom.  2) And most important, you don’t want to be intrusive and rummage through their things. (Your customers trust you.  So every action matters.)

How to clean and organize the bathroom linen closet and vanity

clean and organize the bathroom linen closet and vanity. shelves with tissue 1st aid kit and gray towels

Materials you need to clean and organize a vanity 

  1. Towels
  2. Non-scratch scour pad
  3. Magic Eraser®
  4. Plastic scraper
  5. Bucket with warm water and mild soap – like Thieves!


Once you have asked your customer, and the two of you agree on a price, schedule the appropriate time that you could spare in your schedule to perform the task.

  1. Take a picture of every drawer and shelf.
  2. Remove items from one shelf at a time.
  3. Dust or vacuum to remove loose debris, hair pins, Q-tips, safety pins, and any other whatchamacallits and doohickeys.
  4. Wash each drawer and shelf, one at a time using the appropriate tools needed.
  5. Replace items according to the pictures you took.
  6. Repeat each shelf, drawer and cabinet just the same.

Mwah!  You’re all done.  Not bad for an extra hour or two of your time…. at the same cleaning! 


Add this as a permanent upsell for your professional maid and janitorial cleaning business. 

Incorporating a deep cleaning program is the practical PROFESSIONAL CLEANING approach you have been looking for.

You didn’t start cleaning houses or office buildings to get by with the basics.  We’re sure, you want to offer your BEST, be your BEST, and get PAID YOUR BEST!

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