5 Great Tips on How to Clean Large Office Equipment

how to clean office equipment. large copier in office.
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When performing janitorial cleaning maintenance, often times we only dust copiers and shredders and computers.  Nothing else.  We just don’t.  But these are the very items that are touched the most by our customers.  Why not offer to clean these items?  Here’s a quick tip to show you how to clean large office equipment.


This article is not about copier or computer maintenance.  Oh no, this post is for janitorial cleaning contractors interested in the best way to clean the exterior of large office equipment.


I know as well as you do that when servicing your office cleaning clientele, it’s smooth sailing when it comes to dusting the computers or shredders or copy machines.  But did you ever think about the germs left behind.


A duster can’t clean germs!  And sometimes a simple wipe won’t do either.


Dusting and damp wiping won’t remove smudges, stains, marks or germs from large office equipment.  But you can… with just a little extra effort.


From one professional cleaner to another, we love to get more customers, right?  It’s a way to make more money.  Buuuut, it’s not the only way to make more money.


You can make more money with your existing customers as well.  And, I’m perfectly sure the office manager wouldn’t mind you washing off the stuck-on glitter left from the office party…. last year.


They’d be overjoyed.  Trust me.


Now, I’m not suggesting to go into the office tonight and do a full-on clean fest.  STOP.  THINK.  AND GET IT IN WRITING. 


Seriously.  Before you do any extra cleaning, make sure that you’re getting extra money.  And most importantly, get it in writing.


Your customers may have it in their budget to pay you extra to wash down the office copier, and remove stains from the shredder, and remove germs from computer keyboards. 


But you won’t know until you ask. 


So, ask, get it in writing, and schedule it according to your convenience and availability.

Enter the FREE DEEP CLEANING CHALLENGE.  You’ll learn how to upsell this detail cleaning task to make more money and encourage good customer service starting TODAY!

How to clean large office equipment

how to clean large office equipment. black hand wiping large copier.

Materials needed

  1. Towels
  2. Duster or a vacuum with attachment
  3. Magic Eraser®
  4. Bucket of warm to hot water with disinfecting solution. I like Thieves… just sayin’
  5. Plastic scraper blade (for stubborn remaining tape adhesive)
  6. Degreaser
  7. GOOD MUSIC (it’s your world when your customers are gone 😉)


Instructions for cleaning

  1. Tackle one area or level of the office at a time.  Clean one machine at a time.
  2. Vacuum using your dusting attachment.  Get into hard to reach crevices and parts that you normally don’t, especially near the vents and plugs in the rear.
  3. Dip towel in water solution, wring out tight. Wipe the entire machine from top to bottom.
  4. To remove smudges, black marks, and ink from office copiers, printers, computers, and large shredders use a Magic Eraser®. It’s really the best thing since sliced bread!
  5. To remove adhesives from copiers, computers, printers and other large office equipment, spray a little degreaser onto a towel and then rub gently in circles. Use a different damp towel to wipe off remaining residue.
  6. Don’t use water near any questionable sections especially near openings and wiring.
  7. Pay special attention to the areas where everyone touches, i.e. on/off buttons, handles to paper drawer, and keyboards.


That’s it!  It’s a wrap.  Think about incorporating this detail cleaning to your professional office cleaning checklist.  It’s a great way to maintain office equipment.


Just don’t forget to add the additional charges to you next invoice like I’ve done….. twice 😐!

I grew my office cleaning side hustle into a ½ million-dollar corporation with the partnership of my husband and our amazing staff. In 2020, I retired my service-based business to shift my focus and passion from serving cleaning clientele to serving cleaning business owners.


Utilizing my 27+ years’ experience, I offer free and paid products exclusively for cleaning business owners and cleaning side hustlers at A Janitor’s Story® Website and my VIP Group Coaching Membership App.


I’ve served other cleaning pros by helping them to turn one time cleaning jobs into high paying recurring customers, create excellent client retention practices, develop hiring systems that really work, build marketing techniques that convert and so much more.


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  1. Jarred Lawrence says:

    A useful tip to cleaning a office equipment. As I was addicted to using wipes, I always use antibacterial wipes in my office which is better for cleaning office equipment such as window, and employer desks as well. Here I got valuable tips to keeping my office tidy. Thanks for sharing such a useful post

    1. Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed.

  2. Scarlet Aaron says:

    Thank you for this very interesting information about office cleaning equipment.

    1. You are so very welcome Scarlet!

  3. Copier Lease Center says:

    Every office has some common big items like copier machines. Not everyone knows, how to clean this type of equipment. Thank you for sharing these valuable tips.

    1. You’re welcome! And thanks for the comment.

  4. Thank you for the post. This very helpful and also interesting too. I like the the post.

    1. Stacey Freeman says:

      You’re welcome. And thank you right back. Be well!

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