How to Professionally Clean Light Fixtures

How to clean light fixtures. once clean fixture next to one dirty fixture
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If you have any concerns about how to professionally clean light fixtures, you’ve come to the right place.  Here’s a simple and easy way to clean dirty, frosted, wall, ceiling fan globe, and any other glass light fixture.

Typically, professional house and office cleaners will take a feather duster across light fixtures during routine cleanings. 

Let me just say right here, every cleaning service is different.  Some dust with a damp towel.  Some use a feather type duster and just keep it movin’.

However, it is considered a detail or deep cleaning when you remove the bulb or fixture to clean.  (It is a deep or detail light fixture cleaning because of the additional time it takes you to perform the task.) 

Got it?

See, when it comes to a service-based business like cleaning, you have options of providing more services, or spending more time to complete the services you already agreed to do.  When you add cleaning tasks or take additional time to complete them, you should receive additional 💲💲💲.  Just that simple.

This would be detail cleaning or deep cleaning.  

The video only highlights one wall sconce.  Just imagine if you cleaned 12.  That could easily take and hour and a half or 2. 

Multiply that by your hourly rate!  Nice right?

Another technique to clean light fixtures is to remove the fixture all together.

If you should encounter a really filthy glass light fixture or globe, like in a residential kitchen, you will certainly need to do more than wipe it, like in the video.  You should remove the fixture in order to clean off grease and caked-on dust. 

This is how to professionally clean light fixtures

Material needed to clean greasy or dirty light fixtures

  1. Degreaser (I have used Awesome in the past. But with warning, it is a very strong chemical!)
  2. Soap (your choice)
  3. Non-scratch scour pad
  4. Towels
  5. Warm water
  6. Pliers if necessary
How to pro clean light fixtures. one clean fisture next to one dirty golden fixture


  1. Remove the fixture gently. Use pliers if you must.
  2. Soak in sudsy warm to hot water for about 10-15 minutes if you can spare the time
  3. Then use your scour pad to gently rub the inside and outside of the globe.
  4. If you need to use a degreaser, go ahead in this step. (I say in this step first because using less chemicals is better for your health.)  Just lookin’ out for you. 😉
  5. Rinse any residual soap and chemical off of the fixture.
  6. Either let air dry or use a towel to completely remove water.
  7. Replace the light fixture.

That’s it.  Simple, easy and hopefully a painless way to professionally clean light fixtures!

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