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Isn’t it amazing that as professional residential and commercial cleaners, we are presented with an endless amount of cleaning tasks? Cleaning children’s toys is yet another item.  And if your janitorial service cleans day care centers or if your maid service cleans homes with children, this article is perfect for you.  Here’s how to clean kid’s toys.


As house cleaners and janitorial service providers, we never really think to clean things like children’s toys.  But when you clean the rest of the home or office, why not offer to clean stuffed animals, or wooden blocks, or toys with batteries, or that thingamabob in the middle of a pediatrician’s office, lol?


Cleaning kid’s toys is a great way to upsell your professional cleaning services.  So why not offer this specialty cleaning service?

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How to clean stuffed animals in the washer

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Once you’ve contacted your customer to get the consent to perform this extra cleaning tasks, then proceed with cleaning. (Never give your cleaning services away for free.)  Never.

  1. Simply take all washing machine approved stuffed animals and load into the customer’s washer.
  2. Use their preferred detergent.
  3. When the cycle is complete, lay out the plush toys to let air dry.

That’s it!  Your customer can put them away later.

How to clean wooden toys and toys without batteries

This is especially for those who clean day care centers, doctor’s offices, and special service centers that cater to children.

Always get your customer’s approval before providing extra cleaning services, always.  Why?  Simple.  Extra cleaning = extra income for you!  So, ask first, get the approval, then continue with cleaning.

  1. For small plastic toys without batteries, place in a tub or large over-sized sink to soak a bit. ASK, the customer what chemical they would prefer.  Personally, as a cleaning contractor, I recommend Thieves for this job.  Drain the sink, tub, or pour all water off the toys.  Let air dry partially as you agitate with a towel.  This is also a great way to disinfect toys without bleach.
  2. For wooden blocks, gently mist with a non-toxic spray. Wipe with a damp cloth.  You’re good to go, that’s all you need to do to disinfect wooden toys.
  3. To clean toys in doctor’s waiting rooms and other large thingamabobs, grab a bucket of warm water and use a preferred non-toxic or all-natural cleaning solution approved by your customer. Take a microfiber cloth, dip in water, wring tight and gently wipe all surfaces of each toy.  Got it.


See, told ya it was easy.  Sometimes the hard part is asking the customers.  The fear of rejection can be bigger than the act itself. 

Go for the ask!

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