How to Clean and Organize Office Break Room Cabinets

how to clean and organize break room cabinets. opened white cabinets with glass and plastic cutlery
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Okay, so you see it every time you clean the same office – the whateva-ya-want expired packets of condiments, sugar spilled in the drawer with the “clean” spoons, and a haphazard mix-up of dishware.  Utter chaos.  And, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Why not offer additional cleaning to your commercial cleaning customers.  And, if you need help to make this simple and painless, here’s how to clean and organize the office break room cabinets and drawers.


Cleaning and organizing break rooms in the workplace is a job that no “sane” office staff member ever signs up for.   It’s usually a task that becomes over looked until things get completely out of hand.


And, as professional janitorial contractors, we don’t typically “clean and organize” the break room cabinets or drawers.  It’s just not something general cleaning contractors do – unless asked.


But would you consider it a deep cleaning?  Would you consider offering this service to your commercial cleaning clientele as an additional cleaning?  It’s not that hard.  Really!


See, offering to clean and lightly organize your customer’s office lunchroom cupboards will 1) Give you an opportunity to make some additional income with your business, 2) Improve your business relationship with your customers.  They will value your business over your competition.  Why? Because of your willingness to do a job most other cleaning businesses won’t do.


So, offer this additional cleaning.  Here’s how we can help.

Enter the FREE DEEP CLEANING CHALLENGE.  You’ll learn how to upsell this detail cleaning task to make more money and encourage good customer service starting TODAY!

How to Clean and lightly organize office break room cabinets

How to clean and organize break room cabinets

Materials needed to clean

  1. Bucket with warm water and mild soap. (Thieves is great!)
  2. Non-scratch scour pad
  3. Towels
  4. Plastic scraper blade
  5. Degreaser
  6. Scotch® tape (clear)
  7. Black Sharpie®
  8. Magic Eraser®
  9. Vacuum with attachments
  10. GOOD MUSIC (for real)!

Instructions to clean the break room cabinets and drawers

  1. If you’re not very familiar where items should go, TAKE A PICTURE, to help you replace everything correctly.
  2. Purposefully work on one cabinet at a time to prevent confusion. Remove all items.
  3. (If you must, use your canister vacuum to remove dry debris.)
  4. Wipe, scrub, erase, and scrape as you need, to each cabinet to get it clean.  Using the appropriate cleaning tool, remove all spills and marks.
  5. Now, replace items as you remember or according to your pictures. Buuuut, take the liberty to toss out anything expired.  (Take a picture and be prepared to email it to any complaining staff members.)  Yea, I learned that the hard way 😐!
  6. If you have the liberty to label items, do so.  It would be a nice touch.
  7. Clean exterior of the cabinets.
  8. Clean and organize all drawers just the same.


Cool beans!  You did it. 


I encourage you to offer this detail cleaning job to your customers twice a year.  It helps everybody!

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