How to Clean a Glass Curio Cabinet and Shelves

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It’s so easy to skip past items like these when providing routine house cleaning services.  After all, something like cleaning china cabinets aren’t a part of a “routine” cleaning.  However, if you’re looking to really impress your customers, offer to clean the curio twice a year.  Here’s how to clean a glass curio cabinet and shelves.


Cleaning a glass display case of any type can be alarming.  Trust me.  I get it.


Cleaning the glass and wood in a china cabinet would require a gentle hand, patience, and more time than you think.  Which is why it is not incorporated into general house cleaning.


Cleaning curios and glass shelves can be a tedious time suck.  But remember, you’re there already providing basic cleaning for your customers – relieving their time.  So why not offer them more time!  Your customers would be thrilled if you cleaned their wood and glass china cabinets, especially if they trust you with their precious items inside.


Besides, if the work is a hard task, charge by the hour.  It’s really ok.

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How to clean a glass curio and china cabinet

How to clean a glass curio and shelves.

Material you will need to clean a china cabinet

1. Glass cleaner
2. Paper towels
3. Wood safe cleaner and polisher
4. Cloth towels
5. PATIENCE! (Seriously)

how to clean glass curios
Dirty glass shelves

Instructions to clean a wood and glass china cabinet


1.  Use your camera phone and take a picture of each shelf or record a video.  You’ll want to remember exactly where each item belonged.
2.  Along with your customer’s approval of each piece, load the appropriate dishwasher safe items in the dishwasher.  
3.  All other items wash by hand and let drip dry.

4.  Any questionable whatnots, just gently wipe with a microfiber cloth and put to the side.
5.  In the meantime, use the wood-safe cleaner polisher wiping down all wood in the curio starting from interior top to bottom, then exterior top to bottom.  All sides and panels.
6.  Then clean glass in the same fashion, up to down, interior then exterior.
7.  Replace all items according to your picture or recorded video.

Congrats. You’re good to go!

Clean glass shelves

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