Fastest way to professionally clean out a garage

How to clean a garage. Blue and white house with attached white door garage.
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Sometimes it’s okay for house cleaners to perform tasks on the exterior of the house especially spaces like the garage.  Regardless if your house cleaning customer’s garage is attached to their home or not, it’s still their property.  And, well, can use a little sprucing up perhaps once a year.  Here’s a short and sweet tutorial of how to clean a garage for your house cleaning customers and why.


I already know what you’re thinking…. “Are you crazy lady?”


Ok.  So here’s the thing.  Cleaning a garage is not as horrible as you may think.  If your customer has a hoarding issue in the garage, skip this article, it’s not for you or those customers. 


Even if the situation is cleaning out a garage full of junk – so much so that you can’t see the floor, again, this post ain’t for you.  I can completely understand situations like that, however, those require a different cleaning specialist.  Not like us, general cleaning contractors.


This instructional tip of how to clean a garage quickly is for house cleaners who have customers that need a simple, step-by-step garage sweep and hose down tutorial.


Got it?


Tasks such as sweeping debris from a garage floor and/ or hosing it down are not a part of routine house cleaning.  So how about offering a garage cleaning to the customers that can use the extra help!


Besides, extra cleaning FROM YOU means extra money TO YOU.  Right?  Are ya getting my point here?


Offering to broom sweep, lightly organize, and maybe even hose down your house cleaning customer’s garage can be a profitable detail cleaning job, if done right.


After all, it would be considered a “deep” cleaning even if you don’t necessarily provide organizing along with your cleaning services.  It’s just the simple fact that, a garage is not a typical area of the residence that you service on routine cleaning days.  So, extra IS extra.


You would be taking your maid service a step deeper in providing a more comprehensive cleaning experience for your customers.




And for this “deep” garage cleaning you should be compensated beyond the amount you receive for the routine cleanings.  (Don’t forget this.  Never clean for free.  Never.)


Additionally, cleaning a garage can especially be helpful to your customers too.  Trust me they will value your cleaning service more because they would not have to call yet another service provider to do tasks such as this.  Become your customers one-stop-shop for all their cleaning needs.


Give it some thought and consider this garage clean out as a detail cleaning to offer your house cleaning customers.

Enter the FREE DEEP CLEANING CHALLENGE.  You’ll learn how to upsell this detail cleaning task to make more money and encourage good customer service starting TODAY!

How to clean a garage

 Simple garage cleaning supplies

  1.  A push broom 
  2.  A stick broom and dustpan
  3.  Gloves
  4.  A shovel 
  5.  Garbage can, bags, dumpster
  6.  Garden hose with connected water spray nozzle
  7.  Face mask!!!
  8.  Sweeping compound (maybe)
  9.  GOOD MUSIC or an audible book. (just sayin’)
how to clean a garage. White door garage with cleaning supplies and blue trash can.

Step by step instructions to clean a garage quickly

  1. TAKE A PICTURE.  In fact take a video of about 2 mins of where certain items were located.  So, when you’re done, you can place the items back exactly where they belong.
  2. Remove the few items you agreed to clean behind.
  3. If possible, take your stick broom and remove cobwebs from as high as you can reach. Remove them from corners all along the walls and base where the floor meets.
  4. Grab your push broom and push large debris out of your way from the back of garage working toward the large car opening.  (It might be helpful to use sweeping compound to keep dust at bay.  This is why you need the face mask.)
  5. If necessary, and in agreement with your customer, take the water hose and lightly spray the floor from edge to edge, from back of garage to car opening.
  6. If you like and depending on the weather conditions for dry time, broom sweep any standing water.
  7. Replace items according to your pictures or video.


That’s it!  Not that hard, right, 😉?

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