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Holiday Cleaning Tips
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Looking to prepare your professional house and office cleaning service for the upcoming holidays?  Well, here are 3 fantastic holiday cleaning tips that will help you and your cleaning customers.  Your residential and janitorial business can assist every house gathering and office party with these great holiday cleaning ideas.


Let’s be honest, most of us, professional cleaning business owners, have love/ hate feelings about the holiday season.

C’mon, it’s just us, and, well, the whole internet – customers and all.  Lol.  If you have been cleaning houses or offices for a while, you know the drill around the holiday season.

Somehow, by some stroke of genius, we have to provide a good service to ALL of our customers, regardless of the extra cleaning requests, changed cleaning dates, or even worse, the last minute cancelations without notice.

Get ready….. FUN TIMES AHEAD!


In all honesty, WE LIVE FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!


Don’t get me wrong or think that I’ve flipped the switch on you.

You see, I didn’t always feel that way.  My partner and I had to learn how to embrace the crazy during the holiday season and go with the flow!!!!

It was a mindset shift.  Either give up the business or, learn to start handling unpredictable holiday cleaning schedules.

Not gonna lie – it took a minute.

We can share with you 3 valuable tips and ideas to prepare your residential or janitorial cleaning business for the upcoming holiday season.


Holiday Cleaning Tips | Professional house and office cleaning

First, offer each customer additional cleaning tasks.

Okay, so right here, you wanna get ahead of the crazy.  You know your customers, right?  You know the rhythm of their home.  Their work/ school schedules – who’s home, who’s not.  The pets. The sitter, if one.  The dog walker or whatever.

And, for those who clean offices, you know who sits where.  Who’s neat and tidy.  What someone has for lunch… every darn day.  And who has a white long-haired furry baby at home – because their chair is always full of pet hair.


You also know the culprits of each house or office that keep you coming back.

You know what I’m talking about.  Like the accounting department guy at your office cleaning gig that insists on saving 6 cups of 1 day – 5 days old coffee on his desk and double dog dares you to pour them out.  (And will leave you a note saying – “DO NOT TOSS OUT”.)

Like…. really?!?!

Or, for the house cleaning customers, the 11-year old who keeps a row of molded food on plates underneath his bed.  And despite informing the parents, the plates seem to always magically creep back underneath the bed.

Awe look at that.  Your customers really need you.  And, they especially need you to work with them this upcoming holiday season.

Like I said… FUN TIMES AHEAD!!!

So, before your customer asks you for any additional cleaning tasks like giving Mr. Accountant a thorough scrub down of his entire desk so as not to be an embarrassment at the office Christmas party.  Or, give very special attention to underneath junior’s bed before he has to share his room with cousins during the Thanksgiving holiday school break.

Purposefully reach out to all your customers and ask if they would like anything special for their impending holiday celebrations.

And take this time to be specific and intentional.  You definitely want to hit their ‘pain points’.


Now, if nothing comes to mind of whatever else you can clean for your customers, click here for professional cleaning tips and ideas from our resource library.

Our resource library has several downloadable tools for new cleaning professionals.  Feel free to download them all and take a look at the related articles for a better understanding.


Secondly, Offer to come on days that would fit their schedule best.

Just get ahead of the game.

When you ask about the additional tasks, be willing to make changes in your customer’s normal cleaning schedule in order to accommodate the time it will take to perform all tasks.

It is better for you to put it out there first for scheduling purposes.  You wouldn’t want to not have the extra time dedicated to the extra tasks.  Even if you have to place your customer on a different day.


Lastly, offer post party cleaning

Ok, So let’s say that your customer can’t wait until their next cleaning once their gathering is over.  Would you make them wait until their next scheduled cleaning?

I hope not.  Not if you could help it.

And, why not help them when they need it?  Why not perform an additional cleaning to bring the home or office back to normal for your customers?


Take a look at one of my favorite websites that speaks about this very subject.  The article may give you even more ideas of how to handle the holidays with your professional cleaning business.  Click this link


So, your takeaways are….


Homework:  Get a jump start on the holidays and request special cleaning tasks.  Schedule the cleanings allocating enough time to complete them.  Check with your customers to see if they need special cleaning days and times due to the holidays.  Offer after event cleaning. Additionally, CLICK HERE: EXTRA 25 CLEANING IDEAS, TIPS AND TUTORIALS, if you need inspiration. 



Stay ahead of the crazy with these helpful holiday cleaning tips for your professional house and office cleaning business.  Reach out to your customers to ask if they need additional services.  Again, if you need help, look inside our cleaning resource toolbox.  Schedule the cleanings and be sure to allocate enough time for all the extras.   Also, be willing to clean up after an office event or when all of your residential customer’s house guests have left.

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” Stephen Keague


Until Next Time,

Happy Cleaning!


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