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How To hire employees
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Most professional cleaning service owners will get to the point in their business that they will need to hire staff.  It’s a good thing!  The caveat is knowing how to hire employees for your cleaning company.  Where to look for prospects?  How to do background checks?  What is a good process?

Hiring employees to clean offices while Elbert and I handled other matters with our cleaning service was the best thing we could have ever done.  It almost felt as if we multiplied ourselves.  It can be the best thing you do for your company as well.  Follow along and we can show you our proven 3-step process before we officially hire new team members to clean offices.

At this point, we have learned that this method of on-boarding new staff has been the best way for us for over 20 years.  Prior to adopting this process, I was in my early 20’s, running the business by myself, and going purely with gut instinct.

Today we’ve found that implementing a process before going with our gut has not steered us wrong.  In fact, this process allows us to check off the most important factors we look for with new team members.

I guess I should express that right here…. you should know what you are looking for in prospective hires.  You would want new team members that are a good fit for your core beliefs.


Having a few core beliefs is a good start in finding people who would be a good fit. 

A core belief can be a part of your mission or vision statement.  It simplifies how you prefer to operate your business based upon your own personal beliefs.

Like “Try it better” or “Best is more”.  Mottos like these can explain who you are and how you operate your commercial cleaning service.  Your goal is to hire someone who could live out your company’s values.

These 3 steps we implemented in our cleaning service for 20 years have helped us to hire the right staff.  We’ve had staff as long as 4 years, 6 years, 11 years, and one team member who is still with us for 16 years!  No kidding.  Thanks Brenda B.

There has also been a long time on and off again staff person that has seen me and our company navigate through life and business for 23 years!  I will personally forever, eva, eva be grateful.  Thanks, Alesha N.

Sorry, I digress….


First Step in hiring employees is finding an employment agency.

Typically employment agencies will vet their clients to a certain degree in order to fit your requirements.

Some agencies will do criminal background checks, drug testing, training for job readiness and janitorial maintenance.  Each type of agency is different.

Two of the agencies we have used are Ada S. McKinley and The Good Will Industries.  Some organizations were local and provided transportation costs up to 30 days for our new hire.  AND, provided financial assistance for us while we trained our new hires.  Places such as Employer and Employee Services and St. Sabina Employment Resource Center.

Again, each facility is different.  Check your local area for employment centers.  They can do a lot of the vetting for you.

Once you have established yourself with the agency, schedule a group meeting of about 10-20 applicants where you would explain the job description in detail.  Collect all resumes.

At the same meeting, set up a quick 5-10 minutes one-on-one with each individual.   Select the best candidate that may make a good fit for your company.

At this point, if anyone is interesting to you, have them to sign any and all documents, employee applications, agreements to be drug tested, background checks, and etc.


Second step of this process for hiring employees to clean offices.

Check the resume.  Any large gaps in their employment history is a red flag, so inquire.  Call their references, personal and business.  Check their criminal background if any at this point.

Have a phone interview addressing any lingering questions you may have.  This is when you go with your gut feeling!

Sometimes, there may not be anything on paper that you can point out, but, you have to come to a conclusion as to who you think will be the best fit.  Ultimately, consider your core beliefs and based upon their interviews, make a choice.

Note: if you’re hiring for only one position.  Schedule for 2 people at a time to come out to an on-the-job interview.


Lastly, have 2 or 3 eligible people to come for an on-the-job interview.

Observe their timeliness, their attire, their overall disposition.  Take note of them in action as they perform different tasks.  Have one of your key employees observe them also if you have one on site.

As they clean in the actual position you’re hiring for, 1) notice their ability to follow directions; 2) think about the questions they ask you; 3) take note of their integrity of getting the job right.  At this point decide who you will select.  (But don’t tell them then).

It is also at this point you would arrange for a drug test (check your governing municipalities if unlawful).  If you are hiring for just one position, I would advise to hire 2 people and divide the work.

If you cannot afford to hire two, then hire the one, but inform the other that you would like to let them know how things work out within the next 30 days.

It should go without saying that all employees should be within a probationary state for at least 30 days but no more than 90 days.  During this time, you are still observing and making sure that your new hire is a good fit and that they can represent your company well.


Going through this process is long and intentional but well worth it.  Like any relationship, it takes time to get to know a person.



If you have not already created core beliefs for your company, work on it.  Establish a relationship with reputable and local employment agencies who will screen prospective help for you.  Set up a meeting of 10-20 people to meet in a group meeting.  Select a one-on-one for about 5-10 minutes each for the people you are interested in.  Arrange an on-the-job interview for the best candidates, two at a time.  At this point, make your final choices.  This 3-step process is how we hire employees for office cleaning.


“Trust your intuition. You don’t need to explain or justify your feelings to anyone, just trust your own inner guidance, it knows best.” Anonymous ”


Until Next Time,

Happy Cleaning!


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