How to Find More Customers for my Cleaning Business

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How to find more customers for my cleaning business is the most asked questions by professional cleaning business owners.  The thing is, there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL solution to this.  There are actually several ideas to grow your cleaning service.  Here is a list of 5 “real” ideas to get more clients with your residential and commercial cleaning company.


Growing a cleaning company is not as hard as you may think.  It does, however, take time, tenacity, a strong will, and grit.  It’s a hustle, especially in the beginning.

And equally important, it takes the right method (for you), to target, market, and secure cleaning contracts for homes and offices.


And, once you find your stride, stick with it.  Ride it until the wheels fall off.  😉


For instance, if you get better results from passing out flyers in the neighborhood you want to work in, cool, keep doing that!

If you have success with targeted Google ads and Instagram ads and Facebook ads, then keep doing that.

And if joining large networking groups and attending local community events has increased your cleaning clientele, then keep going in that direction.  That’s excellent too!

They’re all awesome ideas to get customers for your cleaning business!


The thing is there is no one size fits all for advertising your professional maid and office cleaning services.  In fact, there are several ways to get commercial cleaning clients and to find clients for house cleaning too.

Let me explain…

2 reasons why finding more house and office cleaning clients is not a one size fits all strategy

  1. Consider where you live and how networking, advertising, and marketing work best.
  2. Think about the cleaning customers you desire most – homes or offices, and how best to market to their needs.

Seriously, think about these 2 scenarios because geography can make a huge difference in who you decide to target and market to.


You could definitely benefit from an excellent referral system that helps you gain more customers if you live in a less populated area.   But you don’t have to necessarily rule out paid advertising just because you live in a rural area.

In more populated areas like large cities, paid advertising and joining local neighborhood networking groups may serve you best in finding new customers for your cleaning business.


Really, it’s your call of how you want to get more customers for your house and office cleaning service.  But we will list our best 5 tips to getting more residential and commercial cleaning customers.


5 ideas: How to find more customers for my cleaning business


  1. Try the basics which I absolutely love for those who clean on the side or those who are just starting their cleaning businesses.
  • Door to door sales. Pass out flyers in neighborhoods that you want to clean in and that you already work in.
  • In fact, with permission, place flyers, cards, or advertising material on the bulletin boards in local convenience stores, home supply stores, libraries, the town hall or civic centers.  Place an ad in the local neighborhood newspaper. Believe it or not, this is still effective marketing!  You could get one excellent customer who could help you grow your cleaning business fast by referring more people to your services.  Ya just never know.
  • Val Pak system (still works!). Those flyers, you’ve designed can now find themselves inside of your ideal customer’s homes and offices!
  • Wear your uniform as often as you can and always have advertising material on you.
  • Branded vehicles.
  • A website that is SEO appropriate, even if it is a static homepage. Websites are improved over time, so don’t become discouraged if it is not up to par with your competition.

TACTIC: Use your time and advertising funds wisely.  Also, when advertising, remember to sell the transformation you’re bringing to your customers not the price!  All advertising should be customer centered.


  1. Go digital and use the online space as effectively as possible!
  • Take advantage of Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads. In fact, you can record a live video from your smart phone, upload it to your business facebook and Instagram account then promote it as a paid ad.  Be sure that you target your market well.  Perhaps outline that you only want certain zip codes to clean in.  Or, that you want to clean certain types of commercial offices, i.e., banks, medical facilities, day care centers, multi-unit general office buildings, etc.
  • Val Pak also has a digital presence. Check them out especially if you’re going the discount route.
  • Apps like Next Door, Angie’s List, Groupon are worth exploring also.
  • Home Advisor is a paid membership now, but they weren’t always. Nevertheless, I personally feel that you will get better clientele with this membership because you have more control over who you want to be matched with.
  • Also try Amazon Home Services for house cleaning and office cleaning.  No up-front costs but you must be approved first.  Once you’ve clicked the link, scroll down on the page and click “APPLY”.

Tactic: Be mindful and intentional when advertising on-line.  Don’t waste your time by messing around!  Know your ideal customer and advertise to them specifically. Again, give yourself grace because it takes time figuring out how to advertise to bring you the best results.


  1. Join small and large organizations that improve your business development and promote your business
  • There’s ARCSI for maid service providers.
  • There is also ISSA for commercial cleaning businesses.
  • BNI (Business Network International)

Tactic:  These 3 are only suggestions. (Do your homework to see if investing in these memberships is worth your return). There are more business organizations you can join but your primary goals for joining any association is to 1. Increase clientele, 2. Gain knowledge for business and the professional cleaning industry.


  1. Participate in local business development agencies or local events.
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Local events, conferences, and seminars
  • Become a vendor at conferences for your ideal customer. I.e., if there is a symposium, or workshop, or conference for doctors, see if you can become a vendor and get a booth. Just be sure to have all your marketing material centered around cleaning medical facilities.

Tactic:  Just like above in #3, it is not wise to join any association if you are not gaining business or industry knowledge or gaining new customers.  (This opinion does exclude associations that you participate as a sponsor of some sort.  Those groups feed your soul as an entrepreneur and is not the subject of this article.)


  1. Create your own business referral community
  • Develop a fantastic professional cleaning business referral system with your current customers, even if you have less than 5 customers.
  • Form a community of your own, like a referral link of other tradesmen that you come in contact with like painters, plumbers, gardeners, nannies, dog walkers, electricians.
  • Spread the word about your services with Home Owners Associations.  Perhaps attend one of their meetings to introduce yourself. This tip is easy if you already have a customer who is in the HOA.

Tactic: This strategy to increase your professional cleaning clientele would involve time, research, a financial investment, and again… grit!  But, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  “Nothing beats failure but a try”.  So, give it a try.


Again, once you have found “THE” method to find more customers for your residential and commercial cleaning company, keep at it!  You will know when to pivot – pretty much when “THAT” strategy doesn’t  anymore.


Side note: I know that you’ve come to this post wanting to know how to find more customers for my cleaning business.  But, can I challenge you further?  Are you leveraging yourself fully with the customer you already have?  Are you providing comprehensive cleaning services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery care and many other deep/detail cleaning services?

If you aren’t, why not?

Do you realize that you’re leaving money on the table – that a $150 per general cleaning residential customer can be worth $200 EXTRA within the same cleaning?  How you say?  Because when you provide additional cleaning services, you get paid for those additional cleaning services!  And you know what, all ya gotta do is ask.

Fill out the form below and we will walk you through this simple to implement step by step process for FREE. Say Wha?!?!  Yep.  Go ahead and complete the form and we’ll email you the 3 steps to take to make more money AND increase your customer’s positive experience.


The 5 suggested methods for finding more customers for my cleaning business are… 1) Try basic door to door advertising.  2) Go digital to display discounts and targeted ads to your ideal customer.  3) Join organizations that increase your knowledge and give your exposure.  4) Participate in local events showcasing your company.  5) Form you own referral network with customers and other trades.  Remember it takes time, tenacity, and strong will, and grit to grow a professional house and office cleaning company.

“The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

— Mark Zuckerberg, founder, Facebook

Until Next Time,

Happy Cleaning!



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