How to Finance My Cleaning Business

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If you’re looking to find out how to finance your growing cleaning service business you’re in the right place.  We highlight 3 solid ways you can find money to reinvest in your professional maid and janitorial company.


It won’t be long after starting your professional cleaning company that you realize it takes a lot of money to maintain your new start-up.  Don’t be alarmed.  Here are 3 main ways that you can continue to finance your cleaning business.  Plus, we’ll give you a suggestion of how we maintained our maid and janitorial service for over 27 years.


It’s not just with the cost to replace items such as non-consumable equipment like vacuums, brooms, buckets, mops of all types and towels.  But it’s also to continue to purchase consumables like cleansers, disinfectants, glass cleaners, polishes and such.


And, if you have an office, you have a myriad of other expenses from rent, utilities, and office supplies.


Let’s not forget, the ever-increasing cost of employees.  Having employees will cost your house cleaning and office cleaning business MONEY!


That’s money to train your new cleaning service business staff, uniforms, payroll, taxes, advanced education and tutorials for new chemicals and equipment.  And, for your management team, there will be conferences and network meet-ups.


Just because it may not cost much to start a professional cleaning company, owning and operating a professional maid and/or owning and operating a janitorial business requires a substantial amount of money.


I know that you have asked, ‘how do I finance my cleaning business?’.  I highlight 3 solid tried and true main ways to get funding for your professional house cleaning and office cleaning business.



How to finance your cleaning business

  1. LOANS are a good way to finance your cleaning company.

Try getting a bank loan for your expanding business.  Most banks will require a concrete business plan, but some might not.   Just start at the local branch that you already do business.  Or, another option from your local bank is a line of credit.  With lines of credit you can exhaust the full approved amount or get just enough – a little at a time as you need it.


Also, think about family and friends that you can borrow from.  Some of them may not hesitate to see your new business succeed.


  1. PERSONAL SAVINGS is always a fantastic idea to start a cleaning business.

Don’t ever, ever, ever feel bad to “gift” or “grant” your new start-up funds from your personal savings.  There are a lot of business owners who would rather use their own money when their business funds are low and they need to cover costs.  Don’t ever feel shame – do what it takes.


  1. INVESTORS is a route to go if you want a quick start-up plan to start a cleaning company.

You might be surprised, but there are always people searching for good solid businesses to invest in.  They could be silent partners or general partners.  Nevertheless, they are people who are willing to give you money to expand your business.  Of course, they will want a percentage of income in return.


Additionally, investors will want to see your business plan, proof of the health of your business, and your projections for growth.  So, be ready to show a realistic business projection and financials.


BONUS:  4. Save a portion of all income earned for a ‘special’ savings account.


Now this method of acquiring money for your growing professional cleaning business is not unique, but it is an option that some cleaning services forget about.


This is called a reserve savings account.  The funds can be used for whatever you decide.  I can personally say that have had a reinvestment savings account for years with our professional cleaning service.  And, it allowed us to fund these post construction and office cleanings.



You can use this reserved savings for a multitude of expanding expenses for your company. 

  1. If you get an influx of customers and they want you to start, right away, you are going to be hit with the costs of labor, material and equipment…. right away.
  2. If you see that you want to expand the services of your business and you need to purchase large items such as floor machines.
  3. A reserve account can be used to expand your business’ offices. You may see a need to have several offices in order to accommodate a growing clientele.



The reserve savings account is used for whatever you need to expand your business.  It should not be considered a source of frustration, but should be treated as a normal expense like any other.


Ok, so we never want you to come to our site, read and click away – we like to leave you with a homework assignment.


Homework:  First, since you’ve already started your cleaning service, you have a grasp of your expenses.  Secondly, decide why you need the extra income – what specifically will it be used for.  Third, what is the cost for those extras.  Lastly, set a budget to begin to save that amount divided by all your jobs.  



Conclusion: ‘How to Finance My Cleaning Company’

There are 3 4 ways to finance your growing cleaning company.  You can get a loan from a bank or friends and family, use your personal savings, or seek out investors.  Another proven, solid, and not so unique idea to fund your expanding professional maid and janitorial service is to start a reserve fund.  Give it a try TODAY!



“Look everywhere you can to cut a little bit from your expenses. It will all add up to a meaningful sum.”  – Suze Orman



Until next time,

Happy cleaning!

I grew my office cleaning side hustle into a ½ million-dollar corporation with the partnership of my husband and our amazing staff. In 2020, I retired my service-based business to shift my focus and passion from serving cleaning clientele to serving cleaning business owners.


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