How to Professionally Clean Commercial Break Room Furniture

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As janitorial contractors, our lists of additional cleaning tasks are endless.  For example, detail cleaning the office lunchroom.  Don’t frown.  After all, you’re already there providing routine daily maintenance.  So why not take things just a “little deeper” and imagine the possibilities.  I’ve outlined 3 easy professional tips for break room furniture cleaning.  Interested? Keep reading.


Commercial cleaning companies are typically not contracted to detail clean break room furniture We just don’t.  I mean think about it – most of us charge a set monthly fee.  And, well, for the “set monthly fee” our customers get “a set monthly amount of time” dedicated to the tasks outlined in our contracts.  More than likely, detail cleaning lunchroom chairs and tables were omitted from our contracts. 


Please keep in mind that not all commercial cleaning contractors are the same, nor offer the same services.


I am suggesting this type of cleaning because it gives you, the pro, the opportunity to provide comprehensive cleaning packages to your commercial clientele.


The additional services wouldn’t be for free – you wouldn’t be wasting your time.  Instead it’s an opportunity to make more money! 


So why not?


Why not offer to detail clean the break room thoroughly?  It is the most commonly used and yet neglected space in most office buildings.  Trust me, your customers would really appreciate it!

Enter the FREE DEEP CLEANING CHALLENGE.  You’ll learn how to upsell this detail cleaning task to make more money and encourage good customer service starting TODAY!

Here's 3 easy tips to clean break room furniture

Break room furniture cleaning

TIP ONE:  Ask to clean the lunchroom furniture first. 


Get approval before you do any extra work.  Get it in writing of exactly what you will do and the additional amount it will cost your customer.


TIP TWO:  Schedule and perform the cleaning. 


Be wise and make sure that you adequately plan your time to perform the additional cleaning. 


TIP THREE:  Incorporate this cleaning into your contract at the renewal.


It’s great that you did this for your customer this time, but I’m certain they would be happy to have it done on a regular basis.  Try it!



Material needed to clean break room furniture

  1. Bucket of warm to hot water with mild soap. (Whatever you typically use for your routine cleaning.)
  2. Plastic Scraper
  3. Non-scratch scour pad
  4. Magic eraser®
  5. Towels
  6. Gloves
  7. PATIENCE 😏 


Instructions to clean break room furniture

  1. Wipe from top to bottom all single chair cushions and frames.
  2. Wipe from top to bottom, moving clockwise across the room, cleaning seat bench cushions and frame and/ or legs.
  3. Clean table top and legs with scour pads and magic erasers. Oh, and don’t forget to remove the gum from underneath the chairs and tables… lol.  Sometimes adults are worst than children when it comes to this.  I know, I know, ugh!


That’s it.  Just don’t forget to invoice your customers at the end of the month…. Gotta admit, I’ve been guilty of that 😐.

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