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The following business forms, workbooks, and guide books are useful to NEW cleaning service business contractors.  These PDF digital downloads are for residential and commercial cleaning side hustlers and small cleaning service providers.  

Since all products arrive via email after checkout, they’re not refundable.  You will have INSTANT ACCESS to all products!  Prices are subject to change at anytime.

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House Cleaning Business Forms

Get 13 essential print-and-go business forms exclusively designed for professional house cleaners by a professional house cleaner.

Simple to follow 10-step workbook designed to help you start a cleaning company from home with no experience. FREE cleaning checklist, pricing PDF and more

How to Start a Cleaning Service Business from Scratch with Little or No Money

A simple to follow, step-by-step guide to cleaning houses and offices on the side before starting to clean full time.

5-day DEEP Cleaning Guide eBook. Learn how to maximize your cleaning business and encourage customer satisfaction by providing detail cleaning to your residential and commercial cleaning customers.

5-Day DEEP Cleaning Guide Book

Learn how to maximize your cleaning business and encourage customer satisfaction by providing detail cleaning to your residential and commercial cleaning customers.

The below referral links to programs designed to help you start and grow your house and office cleaning business. Each program HAS DIFFERENT STIPULATIONS and HAVE DIFFERENT REQUIREMENTS. It is advised TO READ all of their terms and conditions before signing up.
Our advice to you is to remember your goal for being in business – to obtain your ideal cleaning customers and retain them. This takes cleaver marketing strategy and now’s the time to use those skills. 😊

The following link will lead you to Amazon Home Services.  Once you click the link below, read about their program to see if it’ll benefit your house cleaning and/or office cleaning business.  Then scroll down to the “Are you a top-rated Pro, APPLY HERE” section.  Then click apply here.  You’ll read about their insurance requirements. One more thing… you must be a licensed business owner.

The following link will allow you to separate your business purchases from your personal purchases by signing up for Amazon’s Business Account.  You’ll get business-only pricing, quantity discounts, and a simplified purchasing workflow with each business account!  What a great way to separate your personal and business purchases!  Sign up today by clicking below!

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Looking for a great book to get into while working on your cleaning business?  Try Audible by Amazon.  THIS APP IS FREE for 30 days!  Don’t like a book.  Return it.  Don’t like your next choice.  No problem.  You can cancel your subscription anytime within 30 days.  Give them a try TODAY.

Have you considered becoming a Groupon Merchant?  Click the link below and give it a try.  When you create a Groupon deal, you’ll be able to give your prospective customers a “sample” of your work.  It’s the best marketing ever!   I recommend offering ‘man-hours’ to clean and not offering to provide a full cleaning for a set cleaning rate.  You won’t earn your full cleaning rate for the initial cleaning so wow your customers with a fantastic 2nd cleaning offer!  Click the link below to apply.

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