HOW TO FIND CUSTOMERS: Creating a Marketing Plan

Pre-Training Video Series Part 3 of 3

Video Transcript

I’m Stacey from A Janitor’s Story and I’m bringing you another tip about finding the right tools and resources to market your cleaning business!

My top advice is to not try too many marketing tools or resources at one time.  Take your time.  Learn one or two methods, apps, tips, or tools, then implement your tactical approach one step at a time.

And in all honesty, what works for one cleaning company won’t always work for another.  This is the work and research that every pro cleaner has to search out, put into action, and then analyze their own results.

It’s ok to try a variety of methods to grow your business.  The key is to master what works and stop doing what doesn’t.

If you want to try Facebook or Instagram ads targeting your ideal cleaning customer, GREAT.  Have at it. 

If you prefer going grassroots and doing door to door sales.  That’s awesome as well. 

Your purpose should be to find out what works for you, your personality, and what’s doable for your current lifestyle.  And ultimately what helps you to achieve your goals.

Again, don’t overwhelm yourself into thinking that you have to advertise on lots of different platforms to find your ideal cleaning customers.

You don’t.

And I have to say also that what might work for you today, may not always be your best choice if your lifestyle or goals change. 

I’ll use me for example.  When I was with Homeadvisor, previously known as ServiceMagic, I got fantastic results.  My strategy was on point and I obtained the exact type of customers I was looking for.  In fact, most stayed with our company for an average of 4 years.

Then when my husband and I expanded our family, I had to change my strategy with Homeadvisor.  I was no longer able to stop whatever I was doing at the moment to respond to random requests that came my way.  After all, I had a baby and was a stay at home mom for one year after each of our 3 boys were born.  So, I turned off our leads permanently and created an awesome referral system for residential cleaning services.  And for our commercial sites, I promoted our deep cleaning and post construction services more.  Our results were still amazing!

So, for you, it’s ok to switch up using a variety of tools to fit whatever your current lifestyle presents.

My best advice again is to try 1 or 2 different methods at a time, especially when you’re starting out.  Get strategic to make the tool or resource be a win-win for you and your ideal cleaning customer.  Then analyze your results before you pivot to try something else.

Ok, so that’s it for now and I hope this small tip inspires you into action by becoming strategic with the tools and resources you choose to grow your cleaning business.

Until next time, I’m Stacey from A Janitor’s Story here to help you create your own story.

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