Thank you so much for your time Stacey, I really appreciate it. I intend to follow your advice and have a heart to heart with my client. I will let you know how it goes. Once again, I am so grateful I found you!

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"get honest advice"


90-Minute Consultation  $97

Ideal for a “quick fix” with your business. 

Such as the following…


💰 How to price your cleaning services.

🤝🏾Customer service issues.

💡 Marketing tips and ideas using social media and apps. 

🖊 Startup help with licensing, insurance, permits and other credentials. Tips and ideas to set up your website. Recommended cleaning supplies.

📈 Tips for expanding your business. Who to hire, W-2 employees or Independent Contractors. 

You will get…

~ (1) 90-minute private meeting with me, Stacey via Zoom.

~ The recording of the meeting sent directly to you.

~ VIP status. You will receive my weekly newsletter with tips and fresh ideas exclusively for professional cleaners.

I have been using the tools and information that you have provided for my cleaning business that I started in January. I have found it all useful. Thank you and I appreciate all the information that you provide and wonderful words of encouragement during this time!

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"get clarity"


30-Day Coaching (3 Meetings) $227

Ideal for strategic planning to grow your business. 

Such as the following…

💰 Help with bidding jobs to make sure you profit from each job.

🤝🏾 Learn how to leverage your current clientele to grow your business fast. Establishing referral programs. Upselling your services.

💡 Marketing tips, ideas, and techniques using social media and apps strategically. Advertising tips. Promotional items. Door-to-door sales tips.

📈 Expanding your business in the areas of hiring or “releasing” employees. Tips when hiring W-2 employees or Independent Contractors. How to raise your cleaning rates gracefully.

⭐ Since most strategies require time to test and practice, additional meetings are necessary. I work closely with you to ensure your best results.

You will get…

~ (1) 90-minute AND (2) 60-minute private meetings with me, Stacey via Zoom. All meetings will occur within 30 days.

~ All recordings of each meeting will be sent directly to you.

Meeting notes including all supportive information shared with you at the meeting.

~ Continued email support is available to you during our 30 days together.

~ VIP status. You will receive my weekly newsletter with tips and fresh ideas exclusively for professional cleaners.

I am the owner of Bay Area Cleaning Professionals in Baytown, Texas. I got a lot of value regarding my business, and I respect Stacey as a cleaning business owner. After my one-on-one coaching call with Stacey, I made the decision to start cleaning offices and I got my first client today!

Let’s talk

Hi, I’m Stacey, creator of A Janitor’s Story®  

I started my cleaning service business at 20 years old and learned quickly how to create systems and strategies that helped me to price right, attract the right clientele, and retain recurring customers for as long as 24 years!

The partnership with my husband and our amazing staff helped me to my business grow my business to 1/2 million dollars in annual sales and fulfilled my wildest dreams of travel and raising 3 boys.

Now, I’ve retired, and I help aspiring entrepreneurs to START and GROW their professional cleaning service businesses to achieve their big dreams.

I’d like to help you do the same.




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How this works…

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3. Please show up on time or reschedule via email at 

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