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Best Practices for Washing Pillows. Beautiful off white covered buttoned bed post with blue hued pillows
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Pillow washing is an excellent additional task you can provide with your house cleaning business.  It’s one of those little things that can make a huge difference to your residential customers.  But, there are a couple of guidelines you’ll want to follow.  From one professional house cleaner to another, here’s best practices for washing pillows.


Since we change the bed linen as a basic service, wouldn’t it provide better customer care to wash the bed pillows too?  Seems so.  Have you ever asked any of your customers if you could wash their dirty bed pillows, or decorative couch pillows, or throw pillows?


Personally, I can admit that it has only been a few times in my 25+ years in business that I have offered to clean pillows for our customers.  Because it’s not a usual request nor an offer from a professional cleaning company. 


Am I right?


But it can be offered as a deep cleaning task.


I mean think about it.  Pillows can carry, all types of germs, bacteria, odor, mold and mildew.  And, we, well, we simply tuck and fluff as we clean each home – never really thinking about the germs.  Especially décor covered pillows like some kids’ and couch pillows whose cover can’t be removed.

Best practices for washing pillows

That can all change with one question to each of your residential cleaning customers, “Would you like me to sanitize your pillows within the next few cleanings?”.  Simple, right? 


It really is 😊!


Additionally, make sure you mention the extra fee you’ll be charging.  Remember the BIGGEST RULE OF PROFESSIONAL CLEANING… If you add additional time for cleaning, you must add an additional fee for cleaning.  Everything has a price, especially your time.


Ok, so let’s get to it…

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Best practices for washing pillows, like a pro

Best Practices for washing pillows. 3 beige and brown couch pillows.

Seems like a no-brainer but I need to mention these 5 best practices to follow because you want to keep a happy customer happy, and you don’t want to risk ruining their pillows.


  1. Ask the customer and come to an agreement of an additional fee for you to clean all of their pillows.
  2. Research the material of the pillow – the inside stuffing and outside fabric. NOT ALL PILLOWS CAN BE MACHINE WASHED and it’s very important to know that.  Check the labels first or ask your customer.
  3. Depending on how many pillows, inform your customer that all pillows may not be machine washed on the same day due to time constraints.
  4. Be sure to find out what cleaning solvent your customer prefers. Use that.  After all, their pillows come in direct contact with their skin and you want to be sensitive to allergies.
  5. Be sure you keep track of who’s pillow belongs on which bed. This is pretty important.  It’s a best practice of, “just simply being in tune with your customer”.


Instructions for cleaning pillows

Best Practices for washing a pillow. putting 3 pillows in a white hi
  1. Put two to three pillows inside the machine depending on size of machine and size of pillow, per load in washer. Add cleaning solution.
  2. Dry the pillows, if appropriate. Remember to check the labels.
  3. Replace the pillows on the correct beds with clean sheets and pillow cases.


That’s it, nice and simple.  Just don’t forget to invoice your customers for the additional task! 😉.


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