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Finding the best gifts for our employees and co-workers, for any occasion, would drive us crazy, no matter what time of year it was.  We would wreck our brains over what would be appropriate. What was too much or too little? So, we came up with our own version of the best gift guide.


It didn’t matter what the gifts were for. Birthdays, graduations, or congratulations on a new home or accomplishment.  We couldn’t buy the right gifts to save our lives.


We would try to figure out what the person was “into” in order to make a choice. In desperate attempts, we would reach out to their loved ones. Sometimes it worked out. But most of the times it didn’t.


Can you imagine trying to get a hold of someone’s spouse, siblings, or children in fact.  (Just because we had their employee file, didn’t give us the thumbs up to call just to ask about gift suggestions).


Can you say it with me…. CREEPY!  Lol!!!


Let’s face it. It can be confusing, time consuming, and arduous trying to find that perfect gift for anyone. Now factor in that most of the people we work with are not related so we don’t really know them personally. At least not personally enough to know what they like.

As much as we tried to buy things that were personalized, the more we screwed it up!

We found out that as co-workers, our team was happier that we thought enough of them to purchase a gift – they didn’t focus on how personal or general the gift was!


Seriously, who would want a sweater that didn’t fit.


Or, a hat and scarf set in an ugly color.


Or worse, a religious gift to someone who doesn’t practice that faith.  (Yea, that’s the most embarrasing.)


So we simply started to go with general gifts to give to co-workers and employees of our professional cleaning service for a few reasons.  AND KEEP IT LIKE THAT.


Our dilemma with this best gift ideas for employees and co-workers was to try to avoid a few of these concerns.


1. With our busy schedules during the holiday season, we didn’t have time to go shopping.

Our customers would usually schedule extra cleanings during the holidays which left all of our staff working crazy hours. Shopping on-line seemed the easiest option. It didn’t matter if the merchant was local, we preferred the items to come directly to the office.

2. Secondly, we wanted to make sure that our gifts would be gender neutral and age appropriate.

We also considered the ethnic diversity of our staff and wanted to be open to gifts that didn’t inhibit the unity that we had established. Although most of our team members are faith based, some aren’t. Again, we wanted to highlight our sameness rather than express to our differences.

3. Lastly, we wanted the gifts to be useful.

Just how many darn gifts do we all get and toss them into a junk drawer at home. Never to be seen or used. So we opted for practical everyday items that can be used…. Or at least re-gifted if you have too many. Lol.


This guide for the best gift ides for employees and co-workers can be used all year long! Regardless of the holiday, event or season, we found these to be some of our favorites. 


1. Contigo Travel Mug. Spill and leak proof, who wouldn’t love that. Most of our staff take public transportation to and from work. They often travel with beverages in hand. This mug has a double wall and vacuum insulated.  It keeps beverages hot up to 5 hours and cold up to 12 hours! 100% BPA free. Dishwasher safe. Very useful for, meh, that co-worker who rides carpool with you. Lol.

2. Collapsible water bottle. Okay, okay, may sound corny…. But seriously, you can rock this bottle and ditch the plastic. Since we work hard hours on job sites, we need to hydrate our bodies often.  Something like this, makes a perfect gift.  It folds down to fit in your pocket or purse to go with you anywhere, anytime. Weighs only 6 ounces.  Watertight seals throughout to prevent leaks. 100% BPA free. Comes in a variety of colors.  Best of all, dishwasher safe.  Hey, hey, hey, plastic bottles can’t beat that!




3. Insulated lunch bag. Save a little $ and pack a lunch. We do. No need to worry if it will stay fresh.  This is an insulated cooler bag perfect for lunch or snacks on the road. It is durable and easy-to-clean.  Vinyl interior lining.  Front pocket for utensils and napkins and adjustable Strap.  This bag come in a variety of colors.  Perfect to pass out to all of your staff using all of the colors!

4. Manicure set. After a hard day’s work, who wouldn’t enjoy a few minutes to get their nails back into shape. I know I would!  This is a multifunctional complete manicure and pedicure set.  It comes in this lightweight synthetic leather case.  The kit has 15 stainless steel pieces.  Made with high grade surgical steel which prevents corrosion and rust.  Trust me, this gift will last foreva… It is definitely and best gift idea.



5. Variety pack of essential oils. All ingredients are 100% Pure & Natural, parabens and cruelty free.  You can apply topically as a healing solution or add it to your diffuser. Ahhh, who wouldn’t appreciate a wonderfully scented room at home or an office at work. Well, if you get the oil, why not get the essential oil diffuser, 100ml cool mist humidifier with adjustable mist mode.




6.  PopSockets.  Collapsible grip and stand for phones and tablets.  Offers a secure grip, hands-free use with the PopSockets mount.   Available in a broad range of colors, styles and material.  Honestly,  who doesn’t have on of these!

7. Audible membership. Listening is the new reading.  Your employees and co-workers would love this!  Audible offers a 30 day free trial of listening to any books in their library.  You can listen to books anywhere, anytime!  You can even switch devices as you choose AND you won’t lose your place.  I’m telling you, I have had audible for almost a year and I love it.  It makes my workday go by in a breeze.   Let me say this too. When I didn’t like a book, Audible would returned my credit! Nope, I’m not kidding.  Guaranteed listening satisfaction!


8. Ear Buds. A nice pair would be a great fit for an audible membership. (Just sayin’). Bass stereo noise isolating ear buds in ear earphones, volume control 3.5mm headphones for iPhone iPod iPad Android Smartphone Tablet MP3/4.  Sweet right!!


9. A Charging station. For those who have multiple gadgets, keeping them all in one place can be helpful. Used for iphones AND android devices. This USB charging station dock & charging stand organizer for smartphones, tablets & other gadgets.  My family of 5 uses this every night.  Keeping our tablets and phones in ONE charging area makes home life a little less stressful.  


10. Portable charger. Just in case your co-worker forgot to charge their device at home, this portable charger makes the perfect gift. Especially for our “special” devices that won’t seem to stay charged for more than an hour. Haha.




We have found that these were some of the best gift ideas for our employees and co-workers for any occasion. They were appropriate for our varying staff.  All items are shipped WORLDWIDE.  And, they are usable.  Choose one item per staff member or co-worker.  Or, mix it up and be selective.



“Giving opens the way for receiving”  Florence Scovell Shinn



Until next time,

Happy Cleaning!



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  1. Toni | Dr Toni DDS says:

    This is really helpful. I have a new team members that I am working with and have no clue what to buy them for Christmas or birthdays. This list is great! Now I am going to Amazon to order some gifts. 🙂

    1. says:

      That’s great! I’m really happy that you found this content useful. And like it said, the gift ideas can be applied anytime of the year… even for employee appreciation! Best to you.

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