4 Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Systems

best carpet cleaning systems. LMX carpet cleaning machine with gallon of solvent on top
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Providing carpet care for your professional cleaning customers is a great way to earn extra money and make your customers proud that they hired you!  It’s not difficult to choose a cleaning system – there are only a few choices.  Here’s 4 best carpet cleaning systems used by the pros.


Cleaning carpet is one of the best deep cleaning tasks you can provide with your residential and/or commercial cleaning business.  After all, which of your customers wouldn’t want clean carpet throughout their home or office building?


None, I would think.


Since carpet was invented, there were ways to care for it.  And carpet cleaning techniques have evolved.  For you, I would say to try as many different carpet cleaning systems before you settle on the right method that’s best for you and your customers.


To help you trouble shoot through the “noise”, here’s a short, sweet and petite tip about the top 4 different methods of carpet cleaning out there.

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4 Best professional carpet cleaning systems

Steam cleaning (hot water extraction) carpet cleaning system

  • This method uses hot water at a high temperature. You’d apply the cleaning solution directly to carpet.  Rinse and then extract.  I’ve used this method a few times and it did a pretty good job.  The one downfall – I had to “create” other methods to agitate areas of concern like high traffic areas and food spots and stains.

Dry compound carpet cleaning system

  • This cleaning system really works. It’s hard to believe that tiny granules do all the work.  You literally spread the granules onto the carpet and work a double brushed machine back and forward.  Once that has been done, you vacuum all the granules which would absorb the soil.  And Seriously, all of the carpet is clean AND dry.  Check out Hostdry from Racine Industries.  Just be sure to vacuum well afterwards!

Bonnet carpet cleaning technique

  • Essentially this cleaning system takes the traditional floor buffing machine and applies a cleaning solvent onto a circular cloth which is then placed over the bottom rotary attachment. You would then move across all the carpet to clean.  Then that’s it.  No rinsing and no extraction.
  • I have witnessed several companies use this system and then use a steam system right after to rinse and remove the cleaning solvent. Honestly, over time, you’ll learn what works best for your company and your customers!

Dry foam extraction carpet cleaning system

  • This cleaning technique causes solvent and hot water to create foam which then cleans the carpet. It is applied to the carpet and agitated with a brush. The foam is then extracted from the carpet.  All of this happens with one machine!  Which is why I love it!  If interested, search for Von Schrader Company from Racine, Wisconsin.

(The machine shown above.)

Whatever system you decide to experiment with, you’ll want the best system for removing soil and has the less dry time.



I will also add the Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems is one of the best carpet cleaning systems that you could use or subcontract with to keep your customers’ homes and office looking amazing!


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