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Most people who find themselves in this space are searching for simple to implement and lasting solutions to a variety of concerns with their Professional Cleaning Service.  Is that you?

Are you the new ambitious entrepreneur or solopreneur looking for real attainable success?  The business owner who is eager to learn how to create long lasting business relationships with your team and your cleaning customers.

Like most people who stop by here, we are daring to believe you want direction, clarity, sound business practices, but most of all you want to give your new business a fighting chance.  Because, you recognize that success is multifaceted – you can be successful in all areas of your business.  Yes, with financial growth, grounded business practices, team building methods, and down to earth real customer relationships!

On one hand you’re acquiring new customers every week, but you don’t see a real profit with your business – seems like you’re only making enough to pay the bills.  Never getting ahead.

Then when you decide to increase your prices the phone stops ringing.

But money isn’t the only concern.

Since, you haven’t found what you really want to ‘clean’, you’re all over the place.  Answering every call and giving random prices and providing quick and unscalable methods that you’ve not given yourself time to test and evaluate if it is what you really want to do. 

You simply want a road map and want to know ‘what’ to do with this awesome idea of a professional cleaning service.  Which way is best for you!  What is right for you!  What can you learn now and scale for yourself as you grow.

We’ve been there too…..

Honestly, I started our cleaning service years before meeting my husband – I was 19 years old.  At that time, my only reason was to leave my parent’s home and make sure that I made enough money to support myself.  It was my side hustle.

I had to learn practical strategies, money management, people skills as it related to customer satisfaction and team building!   

But I was clueless of course.  After all, I was 19 so I cleaned everything and any little thing that came my way. 

Even with business classes and being involved with networking organizations, it took time to really learn how to scale my business, learn what and where I wanted to clean, how to price profitably to acquire a certain caliber of customers.

Then about 7 years into my business, I met the love of my life and we got married.  My professional cleaning service became our business as I needed sooooo much help by that time. 

We have been married now for 17 years and are raising 3 small boys in Chicago, Illinois, US. 

To date, we’ve owned and operated our business for over 25 years providing services to private homes, commercial business property, and a variety of post construction cleaning projects.  To see just a fraction of the customers we’ve love servicing, you can CLICK HERE.

As we now retire from our services-based business, we’ve created this space to speak to the new cleaning professional.  Since I started our cleaning service 7 years before I had met my husband, you will hear my voice a lot throughout this space

Can we help you?

Would you like help with direction and simple to implement strategies that marry traditional business practices with the right modern technology?  Do you need help with pricing that will cause you to obtain the right type of customers?  But mostly, are you in search of ideas to keep great team members onboard and engage properly with you customers?

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Each week, you will receive an email from us with a link to that week’s fresh content relating to the cleaning business owner.  We also share relatable ‘stories’ of our cleaning business.  Send you information about upcoming events that should interest you and information about products and supplies especially for our community.

“After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” 

Phillip Pullman  


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