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Starting a side hustle cleaning service business with a dot matrix printer and making sure I had enough thermal paper rolls for my fax machine which shared a land line with my home office phone weren’t the only things that drove me crazy. 🤪

It was also finding customers (anybody would do at that time), making sure I didn’t scratch up someone’s counter tops, bath tub, floor or anything I couldn’t afford to replace.

But most importantly, I was desperate to make enough money to cover all my bills by pricing my services right, and not wasting time and energy on people who didn’t value my services.

All I had was a Ford Thunderbird, a mop bucket and supplies, business cards, and a whole lot of HOPE!  Hope that would someday help me see my dreams as a reality.  

Hope that my little business, Red-Dy-2-Work, Inc. would someday help me to accomplish those dreams of home ownership, travel anywhere I wanted, get married, and raise my children the way I always imagined.

Is that you too? 

Except minus the dot matrix printer and Ford Thunderbird. 😊

Hi, I’m Stacey Freeman, and if you’re like anything I was back then, I know all too well that you’re a fighter!  And against all odds, you’re determined, driven, and will stop at nothing to make sure you see all your dreams come true too.

Am I right?  I believe I am.  And I believe in your possibilities too.

a janitors story

Turns out, my dreams did come true… ALL OF THEM! 

I turned my side hustling cleaning business into a 6-figure income in about 3 years.  I got married, partnered with my husband and soon our business grossed 1/2 million dollars in annual sales. 


We traveled to places I only fantasized about… Paris, Hawaii, Aruba, Canada, every hot spot in the US from New York to Cali.  But my ultimate destination was Israel, where I was baptized in the Jordan River.

That’s my story.

But I’m here to help you create yours…

You’re in the right place if you need direction, simple to implement strategies, and solid business practices linked to the right modern day technologies.

This place is for you if you need help with pricing your services so that you profit with every cleaning job.

And, we’re a great fit if you need immediate tools to help you START and GROW your new house and office service cleaning business.


“After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” 

Phillip Pullman  

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