7 Qualities of Effective Leadership

7 qualities of effective leadership
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The 7 qualities of effective leadership that resonated with me were found in one of the most influential books of all time. At least for me it was. It is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I must admit, it is old school, if you know what I mean, but its references to leadership are timeless.


Sure, there are many, many other books out there that can highlight the traits of being a great leader. After all, there are more than 7 qualities of leadership. Much, much more. However, there were seven from this book that resonated with me.


I happened to read the book at a time that I felt a little unsure of myself and my abilities to lead my team members. (I should also say that this was long before I met my husband and business partner, Elbert).


A good leadership book is a great way to stay motivated and get direction as a business leader.


When I started my business, I was younger than most of my team members and I really didn’t know how to effectively be a leader. I didn’t know if I should try to fit in, or be distant and set boundaries. Should I accept excuses for tardiness or poor performance or be a hard ass and just fire them at first sight when and if they did show up to work? How should I handle a heavy workload when someone called in sick or worse, their child was sick?


How could I have known what to do? I didn’t go to school to start a professional cleaning service business, I was 19 years old! I took a few business courses but I didn’t go to a traditional college. No formal training at all, I just jumped in and learned accordingly.


Well, I don’t know if your path is similar or the very opposite. I’m not sure if you’ve found and chose the path to become a professional maid or janitorial cleaning provider or, if you had no other options and decided to go with the flow.


Nevertheless your journey, you are where you are now and if you are in anyway like I was back then, just a little unsure about what it means to be a great leader, then I would highly recommend getting a copy of this book. It can help you get a better understanding of what a leader is.


Good leaders continue to educate themselves.


I have read many books over the years and I have taken many business courses to help me become a better leader and business owner. Yet I maintain that this book is one of the best. The lessons that I applied back then and still utilize right now have done more for me than some of the business classes that I have paid thousands to attend. These are the principles of which I speak of specifically.


The 7 qualities of effective leadership that I appreciated were…

1. Unwavering courage. No one wants to follow a leader that lacks confidence.
2. Self-Control. A person who cannot control himself can’t control others. You must lead by example.
3. Definite decision making. A leader must always show that they are sure of themselves.
4. Has a habit of doing more than required. A leader always does more than required.
5. Pleasing personality. Respect is given to such leaders that show kindness and compassion.
6. Detail oriented. Great leaders may not carry out the finer details of any project, but they put the appropriate people in position to do so.
7. Willing to assume responsibility. A successful leader claims full responsibility of the shortcomings of his or her staff.


The one benefit I gained from this book personal strength.


Yep, so these 7 qualities of leadership have helped me to develop strong interpersonal strengths. These strengths over time have given me the “get-up and go” attitude and the “I will try it again… this way” attitude. Having these qualities embedded within me have given me the strength and stamina to endure all types of obstacles that came my way over the 25 years that I have been in business. It can for you too.


Are you in a leadership position right now?  Will you soon be?  Do you question yourself at all about having what it takes to lead a team effectively?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you!  It can be a stepping stone to enriching your mind.  When you embrace and apply the qualities found in this book, you can leave a positive impact on everyone around you.  You can encourage them to change and grow and want to be as inspiring as you.


Although I read the paperback years ago, I recently downloaded the Audible version from Audible.com.


Audible.com is great! You can download any audiobook into your very own personal library and enjoy listening to them anytime, any place. Audible will even give you a 30 day FREE TRIAL. Yes, 30 days to LISTEN to this awesome book…. FOR FREE!  (Just be sure to read their cancelation policy).


Finally, I’m just a messenger.  Just sharing the value that I received from this book years ago and most recently through Audible.  I’m hoping that you can appreciate the 7 qualities of effective leadership like I did. To be perfectly honest, the book highlights more than 7, lol. Grab your copy today and enjoy!



“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” John C. Maxwell

Until Next Time,

Happy Cleaning!


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