6 Fall Cleaning Ideas and Tips for Professional Residential Cleaning Services

6 fall cleaning ideas and tips for professional cleaning services
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Can you feel it?  Can you feel the change in the air?  Summer is coming to an end and we are entering the fall season.  So, let’s get our house cleaning businesses in sync with these 6 fall cleaning ideas and tips for professional residential cleaning services.


Summers can be fun and filled with lazy days, vacations, time off work, and all types of things that would throw off an otherwise normal schedule.  Now is the time to prepare for the fall season with simple and easy to implement ideas and tips with our house cleaning customers.


Let’s face it, there is a shift happening with most of our house cleaning customers.


For some of them, children are settling down and going back to school.  And parents are falling back into their regular routines.


Our single customers may stop vacationing and go right into their regular work patterns too.


Even our empty nesters may require a bit of resetting to their normal routines.  And trust me, they may be retired, but somehow life keeps them busy as well.  They especially can benefit from additional help and a few nice treats from your cleaning company as well.


The fall season, just like spring, tends to be the time when our customers feel a sense of renewal and celebration.  Along with celebrating the season, they also enjoy the festivities and holidays during the season.  So, the need to declutter, organize, and detail clean certain parts of their home is pretty natural.


The fall season gives our customers a fresh start – a reset if you will.  It also gives us a chance to provide more value for our house cleaning customers.


How do you feel about that?


Before you get started you’ll want to remember a few key things with each individual customer.  Pay attention to the pulse and the lifestyle of each home.  Really observe how your customer lives – their preferences and what they value the most.  Here are those tips.


Fall cleaning tips for residential cleaning services.


Give special attention to each customer and notice their current situation.  Simply follow the rhythm of their house and help them to celebrate in a very cost-efficient way.  It is also a way to show your appreciation for their business.

  1. If your customers follow a particular faith, leave a greeting card and thank you mints after your next cleaning.
  2. Take notice of the decor of the home. If they’ve decorated for Halloween or a sports party, perhaps leave a greeting card, and a treat with your business’ logo. (Try to stay with non-allergic foods).  Again, thank you mints are always nice.
  3. On non-eventful cleaning days this fall, leave a festive sticker on (one sheet) of toilet paper. Small children get a tickle from this!



As you can see, it really helps to know your customers.  You can cater to them better.


Additionally, by knowing each customer and the lifestyle of their home, you can also create more value in your business relationship.  Take advantage of the fall season and offer more cleaning services to your customers.  There are loads of ideas.


Fall cleaning ideas for residential cleaning services

Ahh, this list can go on and on, but I’ll limit it.

  1. Use fall scented essential oils in your favorite cleaners. (When we would clean a home, we would light a really nice candle while cleaning.  This may not be something you would do, but those customers of ours were cool with it).
  2. This is a great time to up your game with referral incentives for your residential cleaning customers.  Leave “fall” referral certificates for your customers, especially those who are hosting parties.
  3. Go deep and offer detail cleaning services with your customers. After all, you know their additional cleaning needs better than anyone else. 😉




Don’t read and click away, here’s some homework for you.


Homework: To prepare for this fall season, decide how much money your maid service can afford to spend on customer retention.  Because after all, that is what this business tactic would fall under.  Then, based upon your budget and the number of homes you clean, price the thank you cards, party favors, stickers, candy, and such you want to distribute.  Click here, for special savings for your cleaning business.  Oh, and don’t forget to create your referral flyers or cards to pass along as well.



To put these simple and easy 6 Fall Cleaning Ideas and Tips for Professional Residential Cleaning Services into good use, assess the lifestyle of each customer, send a thank you card dressed to the like with mints, treats, and especially placed stickers.  And along with the cards and snacks, leave a few referral slips or certificates.  Add one more nicety, if your customers don’t mind, add fall scented essential oils here and there and especially to your favorite cleaning solutions.



“Your brand is your culture.”  Tony Hsieh 


Until next time,

Happy cleaning!!




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  1. Deborah Hill says:

    Thank you for sharing this. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend nearly 40 minutes a day cleaning their homes. And yet, with the exception of those who truly find dusting their baseboards and scrubbing their ovens akin to bliss, most people are far more eager to use that time for more enjoyable activities.

    1. staceyfreeman000@gmail.com says:

      You’re welcome Deborah! And yes, there’s a lot of people willing to pay someone else to clean their homes in order to spend time on leisure activities. It keeps us in business, right? 😉

  2. Jeanie Manser says:

    These are some great thoughts. We’re in the middle of trying to do a deep clean for my house now that summer’s about over, and I’ve been trying to decide what to hire out and what to do myself. We just got a professional since that was something that I didn’t think I could do myself, and that led me to consider hiring a maid service to help me out. I obviously want to think I can do all the cleaning for my own house, but reading articles like yours shows me that cleaning services can really put in some good work. I think I may just save me some stress and go with a local one here in Anoka, at least for the main areas of my house! Thank you.

    1. Stacey Freeman says:

      Thank you. I hope you find a good service near you as you don’t have to do it all yourself. And you’re welcome for the tips.

  3. Alice Carroll says:

    Thanks for the tip about how I should also look for good essential oils to use after getting some fall cleaning done. I’d like to hire residential cleaning services soon because I want to take it easy for a bit after working nonstop for two months. Being able to actually use my weekends for rest will be a nice change of pace.

    1. Stacey Freeman says:

      You’re welcome.

  4. Farhad mahmud says:

    I love how these fall cleaning ideas focus not only on tidying up, but also on building stronger relationships with customers. It’s a wonderful way to show appreciation and add value to the cleaning services. Plus, the little touches like scented oils and festive stickers make it extra special! 🍂🍃

    1. Stacey Freeman says:

      Thanks so much!

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