5 Day DEEP Cleaning Guide

Deep Cleaning Guide in 5 days. White book

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Learn how to UPSELL your professional cleaning services
... even in uncertain times like now!

This is the secret most professional cleaning business owners WISH they could do…

… but you can!

If you’re a house or office building cleaner right now or planning for your next big move,


Inside this 17-page guidebook…

  • Easy step by step instructions from proposal… to job completion
  • Customer Profile Worksheets to help you customize cleaning services ($14 value)
  • A Simple Pricing Formula especially designed for cleaning professionals  ($7 value)
  • Links to helpful articles for supplemental support
  • Customer tracking sheet TEMPLATE
  • Time blocking daily schedule TEMPLATE
  • Additional cleaning “work out” sheets TEMPLATE
  • Recommended cleaning supplies list
  • Daily inspiration
  • FULL email support

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25 FREE Deep Cleaning Tutorials

($50 Value)

Each tutorial highlights 1 specific deep cleaning task with step by step instructions, a cleaning supplies list and videos!

Upselling is a powerful marketing tactic.   It’s one way for professional house and office cleaners to offer extensive cleaning maintenance and sanitizing services.

Now more than anytime in our history, CLEANING AND DISINFECTING as a deep/detail service IS ESSENTIAL for every home and place of business. Why not offer this service to your customers today?  THIS GUIDEBOOK IS YOUR PERFECT TOOL!!!

Who am I?

S Freeman

Hi, I'm Stacey

I started my janitorial service business when I was 19 years old. It was my side hustle to an office management position. I knew nothing but learned everything I could in every way possible at the time to grow my cleaning business.

Soon, I made it to 6 figures! By the time I married and partnered with my husband, we scaled our cleaning business to mid-6 figures providing comprehensive residential, commercial, and post construction cleaning services in Chicago, Illinois.

Was it easy? No! Not at all. It was strategy fueled by goals. It was consistency. Practice. Patience. Prayer. Now ending a 27 career in professional cleaning, I’ve created digital products to help new cleaning professionals achieve their success!

This guidebook is one of many powerful tools used to help push our business to become a premiere cleaning service. Can I help you do the same?

This cleaning guidebook pays for itself in just 1 extra cleaning!  

Here are some average costs for additional (detail) cleaning

Residential fridge and oven cleaning combo… $60

1 set patio doors with tracks cleaned $30

China cabinet… $30 – $40 each

Clean and organize kitchen cabinets, shelves, drawers in an office break room… $60

Wipe clean all chair frames throughout the office (estimating)… $2- $3 per chair

Clean all trash cans and recycle bins (estimating)…. $2 – $5 each


Grab your copy and bonus TODAY

~ Instant access so that you can start your additional services TODAY.
~ This guidebook can be downloaded to any device so that you can learn on the go or in the privacy of your own home.
~ Simple to understand yet comprehensive and doable step by step action plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What exactly will I learn?

ANSWER: You’ll learn the professional way to sell additional cleaning services to your existing clientele.  Then, you’ll learn how to incorporate those extra care tasks into your regular cleaning routine… at an additional cost.


QUESTION: What makes this guidebook any different than any other “how to clean” resource?

ANSWER:  This guidebook takes you from start to finish highlighting the exact steps to take in order to upsell your cleaning services.  There is a haphazard way to upsell, and there’s a professional way.


QUESTION: How long will the bonus be offered with this guidebook?

ANSWER: The bonus will go away soon.  It’s best to act now because the bonus is a paid product valued at $25!  It features 25 different house and office cleaning tasks such as window cleaning, wall washing, floor strip and wax jobs, lampshade cleaning, refrigerator and dishwasher detail cleaning items.  Each with a cleaning supplies list, step by step instructions and a some tasks have videos!  It’s a steal all on it’s own.


QUESTION:  How long do I have to wait for it to be shipped to me?

ANSWER: No wait at all!  You’ll get the  book digitally downloaded via email the very moment you check out.  You will have immediate access to all instructions, all links, pages and bonuses.


QUESTION:  What if I get stuck along the way?  What If something isn’t so simple for me to understand?

ANSWER: I’m one click away!  You’ll have my full support via email. 

Questions or comments:  stacey@ajanitorsstory.com

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