4 Simple Ways To Celebrate The Fall and Motivate Employees

4 Ways To Celebrate The Fall
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Simple, easy and fun ways to motivate employees on the job and celebrate the fall!


Have you ever considered celebrating the fall season with your staff? Would you like a few tips to observe this beautiful season of change? There are a few reasons that Elbert and I wanted to highlight this season above all others.


I will admit that THIS is my favorite time of the year. This time of the year signifies change. This season shows that the old has to leave and fall away. It demonstrates that everything does not last forever. It proves to us that all things have an evolution, especially nature. That all we see will and must change. I love that! One more, Elbert and I got married October 13! And that day definitely signified change.


It was beautiful day!


Fall is NOT like the other seasons in any way. Spring is beautiful and we celebrate it with pastel colors and there is an anticipation in the air of renewal. Great. Summer spells relaxation and fun, fun, fun in the sun! Winter, of course, is usually dark and dismal. The cooler of all of the seasons.


But, autumn, is desired by most people. It is when we flock to nature and seek out all of the beautiful colors that adorn our environment. We get to appreciate every.single.color imaginable to mankind. Some of the scenes can be absolutely breathtaking!


So why not bring some of this harmony into the workplace?  Why not be as celebratory in your work place like nature? Certainly, as business owners, we can decide what and how we want to celebrate events or holidays with our cleaning businesses.

Motivating employees at work is important.


Don’t you think that it is a fantastic idea? Just 4 simple ways to celebrate the fall season and encourage your staff at the same time!


First, this encourages unity at the workplace and builds morale. It’s so easy for us to focus on our differences, so it’s all the more important to highlight our similarities. Coming together with one celebratory purpose encourages the “us” factor and puts aside the “me” syndrome.


Secondly, well, hello, it is a celebration. Need I say more?


If laughter is in order, it should be at the work place. Even if you have a small office, maybe consider renting out a room at your favorite pizza place. Trust me, the money invested will be well worth it!


4 creative ways to motivate employees while celebrating the Fall

1. Purchase T-shirts.

Our attire can say it all. T-shirts don’t have to be over the top, just something simple. You can choose a variety of fall colors and have them monogramed with your company logo. How cool is that?

2. Potluck.

Awe, here’s the food. Since it is the holiday season, maybe for the fall celebration, ask everyone to contribute their favorite holiday dish. This can be a way of showcasing their unique cultures. If there isn’t an office space, consider renting a room at a local restaurant or pizza parlor and have an extended lunch time.

3. Face painting contest.

How about a themed face painting contest. Keeping things simple, you can select from any theme like zoo animals or famous people. Select 3 team members to choose the winners based upon the realistic characters that are portrayed. The winner gets a $50 bonus.

4. Innovative idea contest.

This is the best ever. Each team member has the opportunity to create a simple item that can be given to the customers during this season. Employees love to present new ideas to your company anyway, so this shouldn’t be a problem. You can choose the item that you prefer. For example: it can be a beautifully wrapped scented candle or candy corn wrapped in black tulle with the company’s business card attached. The more unique and cost-efficient idea would be the winner. The winner receives a $50 bonus, reimbursement for the hand-made craft, and honor given to her/him as their craft is reproduced and given to every cleaning customer as a Thank you gift. Got it? Be as creative as you want to be with the rules.


These 4 simple, easy, and fun ways to motivate employees on the job should encourage unity and build morale within your maid and janitorial service. Again, attire is everything. Just like the uniforms are especially selected to emphasize who you are, so should the fall T-Shirts, or aprons, or shoes. Whatever you decide. The potluck is meant to bring people together. Good food always does.


The contests of face makeup and small “thank-you gifts” should create a little of competition. A small amount of competition never hurt anyone. Besides, this can showcase the “creatives” in your company. You just never know.




I hope that you will put to use any one or all of these 4 simple ways to celebrate the fall with your maid or janitorial service.  Also, try not to focus so much on the cost of everything.  Most party supplies and such can be purchased relatively inexpensive.  In some areas, delivery is available for your convenience. 


One more that I left out was a pumpkin carving contest! I just gotta add this one, lol. I know, I know, not everyone “celebrates” Halloween. But, if your business is okay with this notion, then throw it in also. If you’re not okay with this, no worries. Just omit it. I personally thought that it would be a great idea.


The point is, have fun. Be accepting of our differences. Encourage unity. And, enjoy this season of change!



“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” Tony Robbins



Until next time,

Happy cleaning!


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