2 Simple Tips to Clean Office Baseboards

2 tips to clean office baseboards
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All too often, the one task most janitorial services forget about are the baseboards.  Yep, no kidding! And as a result, they get pretty ugly before we have to go in on a full attack.  No worries. Here’s 2 simple ways to professionally clean baseboards for your office cleaning clientele.


From one cleaning pro to another, you know as well as I do that baseboards should be cleaned as often as routine cleaning is performed to the floor they’re adjacent to.  Let’s be honest.


For example, if there are rubber baseboards surrounding vinyl tile, then they should be mopped as often as the floors are mopped.  


And, for the baseboards surrounding carpeted areas, well, they’re typically cared for with the swipe of a duster on dusting days.  Or, even more so on detail vacuuming days.


If baseboard cleaning is not cared for during those times, they can easily be missed altogether.  So, in order to catch up with the baseboard cleaning schedule outlined in your building maintenance contract, make this tutorial a habit and detail clean the baseboards.


But, if washing baseboards WERE NOT included in your commercial cleaning contract then offer this as a “detail baseboard cleaning add-on” to your commercial cleaning clientele.


It’s really easy to do – even if you don’t purchase that doohickey everybody promises, “will clean baseboards fast without breaking your back”.

Enter the FREE DEEP CLEANING CHALLENGE.  You’ll learn how to upsell this detail cleaning task to make more money and encourage good customer service starting TODAY!

2 simple ways to professionally clean office baseboards

Let’s assemble some tools you’ll need to remove marks from baseboards.

  1. Small cloth mop on a stick.
  2. Magic eraser®
  3. Bucket with warm water
  4. Mild detergent
  5. Sponge/ non-scratch scour pad combo
  6. Towels
  7. Degreaser
  8. Knee pads (protect yourself, always)
  9. Vacuum and/or duster (your choice)

TIP 1:  Use a traditional small cloth mop and stick. 


Dust or vacuum the baseboards first. Wet the mop in the bucket of water.  Wring tight, press firmly against the baseboards and walk alongside from one end of the room to the opposite corner.  Move clockwise to cover the perimeter of baseboard.  Rinse the mop as often as you need. 


If stubborn stains or marks remain, use knee pads, (or squat/bend – your preference), get down to use the Magic Eraser and remove marks from the baseboards.  If the marks are still stubburn, spray a mild degreaser on a towel and rub gently until the marks are gone.

2 tips to clean baseboards. cloth mop on a red stick cleaning a gray baseboard.

TIP 2:  Scrub baseboards by hand with a sponge/ non-scratch pad.


Dust or vacuum the baseboards first.  Use knee pads and get down to clean.  Start from one corner of the office and work moving backward.  (This helps you to “see” your progress as you move).  If stubborn stains remain, try Magic Eraser first.  If the marks still won’t come off, use a little degreaser on a towel and rub gently.

2 tips to clean office baseboards. blue gloved hand with sponge cleaning a gray baseboard.

You’re fantastic!!!


Now, moving forward, if cleaning baseboards is in you commercial cleaning contract, be sure to perform this task accordingly.  If baseboard cleaning is not in your contract, add it please.  It’s a great way to add deep cleaning services to your commercial cleaning contracts.  More money for you AND happier customers! It’s a WIN-WIN!

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