11 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Skills

11 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service Skills
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Elbert and I want to share 11 ways to improve your customer service skills with your professional maid or janitorial cleaning service. We have found that customer service skills are as important as having the right cleaning products or the right staff. Here’s why.


Not too long ago, we received a call from a customer that wasn’t satisfied with our cleaning. He texted Elbert explaining that our staff had completely missed cleaning the game room at his house. His explanation went further into expressing that he had personally prepared the space so that we could clean thoroughly. He was very expressive and very pissed off.


We always had an understanding that this particular room was off-limits. So, just because our customer had moved some items out of the room did not in fact tell us to clean the room. And the note, well, it only INFORMED US that he moved some items. The note did not INSTRUCT US to clean the room. We were simply unclear, but we also had no reason to think that anything was different this time around.


Elbert replied to our customer reiterating his note word by word. Explaining that just because he mentioned having tossed out things from his game room, didn’t mean that he wanted us to clean it out. The customer simply didn’t give us a directive to clean the room. He felt that because he mentioned trashing it out, that was an indication he wanted us to clean the room. Once Elbert explained our position, the customer understood how his words could have been misinterpreted.


Now, we could have flew off the handle and become defensive. But we didn’t. We over looked the offense. Understood his position. Gave ourselves time to prepare an appropriate answer. Handled the situation logically and not emotionally. We offered a solution to come back. (He didn’t opt for this because he had cleaned the room himself prior to contacting us).


We learned a little bit that evening. We understood the very importance of applying good customer service skills. That even the most complicated situation can be resolved.

Here’s why we feel that implementing good customer service skills is vital for your business.

First, having good customer service skills help to provide solutions and prevent complaints.

As in the example above, knowing what to say and how to say it can diffuse a lot of conversations that can easily get out of control. Keeping yourself calm and then approaching the situation with facts; addressing the obvious; and providing a solution can turn a negative into a positive.

Secondly, having good customer service skills encourages customer retention.

It is every service provider’s dream to have repeat customers! It is our marketing strategy’s ultimate goal. We would like all of our advertisement efforts to lead us to repeat customers. Customers who want us to come back over and over and over again. For years, if we can make that happen!


Honestly, I cannot say it enough that Elbert and I have not been a perfect cleaning service. Our company has made some serious mistakes. However, we have made every attempt to resolve problems head-on and not avoid them. This is why we’ve had team members for so long. Our average staff member has been with us for 5-8 years. One woman is still with us now going on 17 years! And our customers, stay with us….. 9 years, 13 years, 19, 21, 24 years! Crazy right.

The third reason why good customer service skills are important for your maid and janitorial cleaning service is that it is a fantastic way to market your company.


I mean, sure, every cleaning service will say that they have great customer service skills, but can they provide evidence.


Just prove it. 1. Perhaps having an awesome referral system in place. Let your employees speak highly of how they are treated at the workplace. That the community established within your company is not something taken for granted. 2. And what about your current customers? Perhaps you can have an incentive in place that encourages referrals. Honestly, people like to brag about a good situation that they found. Let your company be their “good situation” that they can’t speak more highly of.


Having proper customer service skills can make or break a contract. Guaranteed! This is why we learned to implement these 11 ways to improve your customer service skills over the past 25 years in business.



“The longer you wait, the harder it is to produce outstanding customer service.”

William H. Davidow

Until next time,

Happy Cleaning!




Before I go, let me recommend one of my favorite books by Stephen R. Covey called the “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  If your time is limited, perhaps you may enjoy listening to this awesome book while on the go with Audible.com  Audible will even offer you a free 30 day free trial!  



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